Friday, October 26, 2007

Prayer Request

Jay has a cousin named Earl. Earl's first wife and son died in a car accident several years ago, and his daughter (Cassie) was seriously injured. She was life-flighted to Des Moines, and thankfully made a full recovery. Two years ago, Early got re-married to Lesa. Earl and Cassie love to ride and show their paint horses, and Lesa loves it just as much, so it was a match made in heaven. :) Because our girls show horses in 4-H, FFA & Saddle Club shows with Cassie (and we are related) we are very close to them.

Earl is 41. Lesa is 30.

Just this morning we got a call from Earl's brother that Lesa had a heart attack yesterday afternoon (shortly before suppertime). She was on her way home from a work related meeting in Des Moines when it happened. She was on the phone with her mother as it started and said she didn't feel good and was having pain in her chest. Her mom said to call 911 (because there is strong family history of heart attacks), but she didn't want to do that. Her mother hung up and called Earl. Earl called Lisa and told her to pull over that he would be right there. He rushed her to the hospital.

Jay called Earl who is still at the hospital with Lesa. He said they had to do CPR on her twice. She also seized on them. She had balloons and stints inserted as the top 1/2 of her heart was 100% blocked. It's a miracle she is alive. She's in critical condition in ICU in Des Moines, but she is alive.

Cassie is currently in Indiana on the National FFA trip and is coming home tonight. The trip ends tomorrow and Earl told her to just wait, but she was obviously upset and said she wanted to come home now. They are flying her and her best friend home on a private flight today.

The way it appears, things aren't great yet, but they believe Lesa will be ok, but will have a long recovery. Please keep her in her prayers.

edited to add an update: 10/29 - Lesa was released from the hospital late Sunday afternoon. She is not allowed to return to work for at least 1 month. Most of us that know and love her pray that she won't return to that job. It's highly stressful and while she does get paid well, it takes her out of town a LOT, which she hates. Hopefully during the time off she'll understand that sometimes God sends subtle messages to you about changes that need to be made. And sometimes, when you don't listen...he sends a not so subtle message.

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