Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy First Anniversary Molly

Today is the one year anniversary of when Molly came to live with us. It was one year ago on 10/3 that we officially adopted Molly from Small Paws Rescue. Unfortunately another cancerous tumor was found on Molly at that time, so her getting sent to us was delayed while she had surgery and recovered. Finally on October 18th, she flew from Knoxville Tennessee, to an airport about an hour & a half away from us and she has blessed us ever since.

This was the announcement I had as my siggy for a couple of forums I visit right after we adopted her:

At that time she was extremely shy and didn't trust humans. She bonded with me pretty quickly and still to this day gets extremely nervous if she doesn't know where I am. She growled and barked at DH and my son for along time, but finally a month or so ago, she stopped doing that. She still doesn't like them touching her but will stand still to allow them to pet her.

Ever so slowly, she is starting to learn that not all humans hurt dogs. Most of us are loving and caring. It has to be scary to open yourself up to getting hurt again, so I can see why she is still shy, and perhaps always will be, especially when you consider how she spent those first 6 years of her life.

Molly was shown clear of all cancer at her first vet visit after she arrived to live with us. She was shown clear 3 months later, and at her 6 mo. check up. She will go in again next month. If she is still clear at that time, she will only have to come back for annual xrays. We are praying she is still clear next month. After 5 yrs with no recurrences, she will be allowed to be considered cured.

At this time, Molly is learning how much fun life outside a cramped dirty cage in a puppy mill can be. She loves to run and play, and cuddle. Her ball is her favorite thing to play with, although she enjoys wrestling with Tucker.

Watching her come out of her shell has been so rewarding. To see her afraid to accept a treat from me in the beginning, to lining up with the others waiting to accept it now is very heart warming. She is still very shy, but all she really wants is for you to love her. Her tail wags non-stop!

Happy Anniversary my sweet sweet Molly. I hope we have made you as happy as you have made us!

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Becky said...

Aww she looks like a little stuffed toy. Too cute! I can see why you are so in love with her. :-)