Sunday, November 09, 2008

An Early Thanksgiving

We are having an early Thanksgiving today with all Jay's relatives on his moms side. If everyone shows up, I think I counted 47 people will be there. I do know of 2 people who can't be there, so that already takes it down to a much more manageable 45. All I can say is that I give a big shout out to Aunt J for hosting all us crazy people at her house.

Raise The Roof

A couple of the people who will be there have new Facebook accounts. One of my daughters thinks it's weird that her mom has FB, and now finds it "seriously weird" that she has Aunts and older cousins who also have it. My other daughter said "Oh no, you should read what they write between themselves. They are so funny and clueless."

*Should I have been insulted? 'Cuz I wasn't. I'd rather be considered clueless than weird any day.*

The Facebook newbies are confused about several aspects of that site and want help understanding it. I do OK with Facebook, but my Blackberry still has me so frustrated, that I could throw it out the window. Because I'm not above making bribes I said "Ok, listen up...I'll help you with Facebook, but I want something from you too. I know for a fact that there are at least 3 or 4 other family members who have Blackberrys. Get them to teach me about mine and how to fix all that makes me crazy about it, and all your Facebook dreams will come true. Say "no", and you will remain in Facebook confusionland. So whaddup? Whatchu say? You feel me dude? You feelin' luck-ay?"

Ok, so that last part was actually what some guy rambled as he was in a stand-off with police when I watched the Cops marathon last night (did that just take me back to being weird again?).

What I said was much more in line with being an excited dork, and it went something like "Ok, that sounds like so much fun. Can some people help me with my phone too. Pleeeeeeeease!?! I'm begging you. Please help me! Please help me! Please help meeeeee!"

So we are going to have Facebook & Blackberry learning sessions this afternoon in between trips to the food line and naps.

And for this I am thankful.

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Becky said...

LOL... sounds like fun. Sounds like I would have been on the learning end of that crowd :-p

Happy Early Thanksgiving!