Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have You Voted?

***The following post was written during a brief moment on Monday evening when the Tylenol brought my fever down and actually allowed me to feel pretty uh...ok for about 30 minutes.

But first, in answer to some email questions I have had regarding whatever it is I'm battling:
1. I do have allergies, but they only affect my eyes, so no I'm not thinking this "bug" is allergy related.
2. No, I haven't had a flu shot. I've never had one. My kids get one every year due to their having asthma, but Jay and I have not gotten them ourselves. We are generally healthy people and we refuse to admit we are old enough to where a flu shot might be beneficial to us. LOL
3. Yes, if my fever is still here in the morning and that area below my ears is still swollen and feeling like it will explode....I will call the doctor.
4. No, Jay is not home to help around the house. He's still in the field 16+ hrs a day.
5. No, I did not make lunches for the guys. They said they didn't want my sick "cooties".

And thank you everyone for the hugs, well wishes and prayers! I appreciate it all so much!

and now on to the original blog post.....


Even though I'm still not feeling well at all, I am determined to go vote. I may have to hold my breath the entire time, so as to not expose anyone else, but as long as I can crawl in there, I will vote. I have pounded it into my daughters heads that with all the options now for absentee voting, early voting, and election day voting, there is absolutely no excuse for you to not have your butt out there voting. Sooooo, I will go! I will even wear proudly the groovy little sticker:

It will look so nice on my jammies when I get home and crawl back in to bed.

My only disappointment is that I have long envisioned going with each of my children on their first day of voting. And now that phones have cameras, I thought I could document it and maybe even post about how monumental it was for them, and how they each had a tear in their eye as they slid their very first completed ballot into the box while the National Anthem played in the background. When I relayed this vision to them, they informed me that they wished I was more normal. Uh, yea, what's new?

Sadly, Chelsea has to work different hours from Ashley and their classes are at different times too, so they won't be going together. I still wanted to share this with them, so I said I would meet them there if they wanted to call me and let me know when they were going to be there and I got the same response from both: "Why? Do you have to be there?" A Hallmark family special this will not be.

To get serious for a moment.....Get out and vote today!

I am not going to say who I am voting for, or how I feel (negative or positive) about each candidate. I have read blogs with writers who have stated their opinion and I applaud them, even if I didn't necessarily agree with some of them. That's freedom of speech and one of the things that makes this country great. There were a couple that had me so impressed I wanted to cheer, some made me cry, some made me nod my head in agreement, a couple made me laugh and there were some that had me shaking my head. But I admired their bravery to put themselves out there like that.

While I do have a very strong opinion in regards to both candidates and how I pray this election ends up, it is in my selfish best interest to keep quiet about those opinions. I have family members on boths sides (mine & Jays) who are also equally convicted and outspoken in how they feel regarding the candidates, and not all of us have the same opinions, which is ok. However, with the holidays coming up, I just don't want anything I say here to be twisted around and to become the political discussion starter or debate over the turkey and stuffing.

So in regards to the election today....please make sure you get out there and vote. It's not only your right...it's your obligation. To not vote, is an insult to all those who fought and are still fighting to give us the freedom to have a voice.

In regards to which of the candidates I feel you should vote for.......


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm stealing your I voted button. Excellent. I'm offering to go pick up my son about 40 minutes away so that he can vote in his first election. (His car is dead). In the meanwhile, the room has stopped spinning, but I can still feel the queasiness. Life and work and mortuary visitng tonight must go on. I hope you feel better. Thanks for you encouragement!

DEb said...

Don't make me drive up there, over there, down there, WHATEVER there - to MAKE you go to the dr!!

Becky said...

LOL, more normal!?! We would get along so well I think. I hope you do feel better and thank you for doing your civic duty despite the ickies. I would like you no matter who you voted for. ;-)