Saturday, November 01, 2008

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Ok, I am serious when I say that I'm going to ring Tuckers neck!!! He is making me crazy!! He's being such a little stinker!

EVERYTHING is a toy to him and it keeps getting worse. If anything is left out, it's his. He takes everything to 1 of 4 places most of the time: one of the dog beds, a short hallway by our bathroom, our sunroom, or outside through the doggie door. Outside is his current favorite place, and I'm really hoping that changes before Winter arrives. I realize he is only a year and a half old, and bichons are known for being "puppylike" until they are at least age 4 or 5, but come on already.

Every night and morning this week I have had to do a search of missing items. If you leave a shoe will not be where you left it. Monday morning I found both my tennis shoes (they were in my closet, but I forgot to shut the door tight), one of my sons shoes, and 3 different flip-flops all outside on the deck. I have also found 2 dish towels (that were hanging on the front of the stove), an oven mitt (must have fallen on the floor), several pencils or pens (left on desk tops), socks, a pair of Jays underwear (clothes were sorted and laying on the laundry room floor to go in as soon as the current load was finished), and numerous dog toys all scattered about in the back yard. That doesn't even count the items we've found in the other 3 places.

Plus, he's dumping bathroom garbages and dragging stuff out of them. Nice. Also, I have a stand up rod in each bathroom that I keep extra rolls of toilet tissue on, and at first he was shredding what he could. Now he's figured out that if he tips them over he can get ahold of all of them....can you say PART-AY!!!! Oh my gosh, you can't even imagine the mess I came home to yesterday. It looked like a Charmin factory had exploded in my living room!

Oh and now....our living room remote control is missing. So far that hasn't been found, and Jay is not a happy camper. He never said a word about the rest of the stuff, but once Tucker got a hold of his remote, that meant war!

I don't know what to do. If I happen to catch him with something and I say firmly "Tucker NO!" or "Tucker DROP IT", he'll listen and drop whatever he has. Unfortunately I don't happen to catch him very often. Last night we were watching tv and he went tearing through the living room and right out the doggie door before I could even think....sure enough, there was a sock out on the deck.

I've closed off the doggie door, but he just "hides" things in other places. I do my best to keep bathroom doors closed, but being human, we will occasionally forget - and of course, I pay for it.

He is a very submissive little guy, so I know he's not doing it to show he's an alpha by any means, or to be disobedient. I honestly think he's just playing. It's a fun game to him and that's why we dont chase after him if he has something, because that turns it into a game of tag.

He doesn't in any way harm the items he takes. It's like he's collecting them or something. Just like, if you look at the picture, you see a group of toys on the bed. He takes toys out of the doggie toy box (the blue box at the bottom of the picture) and he piles them up on the bed, or on this one rug we have. He doesn't care if one of the other dogs takes them, or if I put them away, though, so I'm not sure what the heck he's thinking.


Anyone want a dog??? LOL


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

He looks pretty darn sweet. You wouldn't really give him away. I can't help you because Zoe has not ever taken/eaten/destroyed a thing. Not once. I can't understand that, either. Does Tucker get enough play time with you guys to be "tuckered out?" Maybe he has a lot of energy and gets into mischief?

Becky said...

I agree with Linda (2nd cup) Sounds like he has a lot of energy. Maybe he needs more attention. I have heard that teaching dogs some simple tricks can help. Maybe you can restrict him to one room or area and make it Tucker safe.

Dena @ Green Acres said...

No I wouldn't really give him away, which I've informed him he's lucky about. :P He is VERY high energy and I've never had a dog do things like this.

We play a lot during the day, and for example, just yesterday we were outside and I've been working with him on learning to play fetch. He's not interested in learning it so I'd throw toys, he chase after them, then I'd fetch LOL. We did this for over an hour. He'd get to the point he'd go over to the side and lay down, but I'd chase after him to get him up to run some more trying to wear him out. Finally his tongue was hanging (and so was mine) so we went in. Ten minutes later...he tried to take off with a shoe.