Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Heart You!

I really do. I heart you all. I received such nice replies and emails in regards to yesterdays post. I even had one go so far as to offer the services of her pyschiatrist to me, which while I thought it was sweet, it also made me laugh because well...she's about 4 states from me. LOL

Honestly I am thrilled that my girls are happy and doing as well as they are. It reassures me that while I know we are not perfect parents by any means, and we've made many mistakes, we have obviously done somethings right because they have turned out great. God gave them to us to raise to give them a firm foundation and to also give them wings, which they are now using to fly and we are very proud of them. We just wish these years hadn't gone by so darn fast.

As if to "pour salt in the wound", Chelsea asked me to go see her new apartment with her last night. I met her future roommates and they are both very nice girls. I noticed by looking at the different things in their rooms that they had pictures and posters that had to do with religion or success (or both). We saw what will be Chelsea's room and she'll even have her own bathroom (which she's super excited about since she's never had her very own before). We discussed the details like rent, utilities, etc and I kept watching Chelsea's face. She's a sneaky one that can be hard to read, but I've gotten pretty good at it. She tries very hard to have a poker face, but she bites her lip if she's excited, nervous, etc and she looks at the floor a lot. She did both while we were there which told me she was ready to jump out of her skin with excitement.

On the ride home, she talked in hyper speed. Seriously, she was talking so fast that she created wind gusts. She talked about what she wants to hang on the walls and where she'll put her bed and desk and she asked if she'd need to have her own cleaning stuff for her bathroom. I said that unless she wants it to look like the local gas stations, that yes, she'll need cleaning supplies and she'll have to use them. Mom the maid will not be moving in. LOL

Tomorrow we will go to do some shopping for things that we know she'll need (shower curtain, drapes, etc). She has all next week off from school, so we'll use that time to go through her bedroom at home and see what she has, what she'll keep, what she'll get rid of, and what she still needs. In one month she'll move out and then we'll only have 1 child left at home.

Thankfully by that time the basketball season will be getting going and we'll be busy enough that we won't have much time to notice that it's gotten even quieter.


Gwendolyn said...

I'm already dreading this with my oldest. She will be a senior next year, and she's already trying to figure out where she wants to go to college, and I am in denial! I will have three left here, but I don't know how I'll react when I ONLY have three left here, you know? Sigh. I'll be praying...for us both! :o)

Becky said...

What an exciting time for everyone. I laughed at the talking so fast there were wind gusts. Too funny.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH you know what? I was just at Merrie's blog:


and I thought about you!

Because, really, it's only a matter of a few short years, and your house can be full of hustle and bustle and voices and playing again! They say grandparenting is even better than parenting...isn't it just like God to have that planned out for us ahead of time, knowing what you are going through right now? Wow!