Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Memory #3

The year Jay and I got married, I was working, and Jay was a senior in college. Money was tight to say the least. We lived in a small 2-bedroom mobile home that I had lived in before we got married. We slept in a super single water bed the entire first year of our marriage, because we didn't have the money to buy a bigger bed, and to be honest, I'm not sure a bigger bed would have fit in that tiny room. We had used furniture, no cable, and no internet *gasp*.

There wasn't room for a big Christmas tree, so we set up a small table in the corner of the living room and we put a little 3ft tree on top of that. Gifts that we had for family, and each other, were placed under the table. We had no decorations for the tree, so I went to a store and bought some that you make yourself. They were pressed board ornaments and you punched them out and painted them. In the evenings while Jay did school work, I worked so hard on those ornaments and was so proud to hang them on our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I made a construction paper chain of rings for our garland and I loved our little tree.

I remember looking at our tree and saying "talk about your humble beginings", but Jay, always the optimist said "Yea, but the first Christmas was a humble beginning too and great things came from that. Great things will come for us too".

And he was right. We are very blessed. To this day, I still have a couple of those first ornaments that I made, hanging on our tree as a reminder of our first Christmas. They are the ones I have pictured here. Don't you love how I put a red bow on tail of the pig ornament I painted? As if that made it more "Christmasy". LOL But then again, what was the company thinking when they created a paint-it-yourself ornament set and decided to include a pig?

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