Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Houses of '08

I was a little sad making our gingerbread houses this year. Austin has always helped me decorate my house in the past, but this year decorating with your mom with frosting and candies was not cool. Well, if you read about my disaster last night, you can see why I need help decorating. I begged him to help. When all was said and done, and I wrapped it with crime scene tape, he did lay my 2 snowmen down and said they were victims of the crime and to call in CSI.

Sometimes he's too much help.

So, without further ado, here are our homes for this year:

This is the front of Ashley's home. Isn't it sweet? As I said, she is still recovering from having her wisdom teeth surgically removed, so she got tired and quit before she was finished. But I think it looks cute just the way it is.
Here's Chelsea's house. How creative is she? She used powdered sugar for the snow on the ground, and green mini marshmallows to make trees. She has tractors in her yard, while I have crime scene tape.
These are the backs of their houses. They did such a good job on them. Each time they'd do something I'd think "Ooooooo, I should have done that."

And now - my "mansion of disaster". The two white spots in front of the house (to the side) are where my snowmen were supposed to be, but they wouldn't stay. Yes, my tree is about to fall over. The candy cane beside the door was reattached with frosting - twice. And the door started out white, but the frosting slid to the ground. Even the sidewalk is crooked. LOL

Here you can see one of the windows that has fallen - again. I had replaced the gumdrops with marshmallows, but obviously that didn't work either. But look at the roof...isn't that cute? LOL

You know how every neighborhood has one house that everyone is embarrassed to live near? Well, my house is "that house".

Ok, so my house will never be photographed for Better Homes & Gardens. The point of it is that we had so much fun that my sides are still sore from laughing so much. I love having fun like this with my kids. Even if I'm the one that has caused them to go into hysterics. :)

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