Thursday, December 04, 2008

Here's What I Know

I know that most of my thoughts are random and they just pop into my head with no rhyme or reason. I also know that those same thoughts can leave as quickly as they entered and most of the time I won't even remember having told anyone about those strange thoughts.

I know that I would happily post the recipe for the salad that knows now boundaries to it's awesomeness (the one my mother makes just for me and her), but I can't, because it's an ancient Chinese secret. Well, except for the fact that we're German. And a little bit Norwegian. Ok, truth is, I honestly don't know the recipe myself. Since I'm the only one in my family who likes it, I've never bothered to get the recipe, because I wouldn't make it "just for me", ya know? I do know it has lettuce, pease, onions, hhhmmm....let's see, oh yea, and she uses Spin Blend mixed with "stuff" (no clue what) that she spreads on top. I do know it must be Spin Blend and not Mayo or Miracle Whip. Oh, and then she sprinkles shredded cheddar cheese over the top.

I know that if our Christmas tree were real, it would be several inches taller due to all the times I have caught Tucker "watering" it. I also know that investing in baby gates to go around the Christmas tree is not a bad investment.

I know that due to same puppy, I will not be placing any wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve right before I go to bed, when said puppy is safely tucked in his crate for the night.

I know that by mid-January, Austin's basketball coach can expect to have several mothers (including me) picketing in his front yard, chanting over and over "Choosing clothes that are light, Just ain't right!" due to the fact that he has chosen to have his team members wear khaki pants and white collared shirts, not only to and from basketball games, but all day at school on game days. Teenage boys are dirt magnets for goodness sakes. I for one am already tired of standing in my laundry room scrubbing ink marks, ketchup and gatorade spills from these clothes, and the season has just started.

I know that I do not have patience for rush hour traffic, as I found out on Tuesday when I traveled to the city to do my Christmas shopping. I know that this also makes me glad that I live inbetween two tiny towns that don't even have stoplights.

I know that you CAN be good friends with people you have never met in person. I know this because I had several ladies whom I love dearly email me in support of my letter to "R" the other day. They didn't realize she has been as bad as she has been, and she is now banned from the forum. I love you gals!!!

I know that I am so tired of the weather not cooperating for this years harvest season. I have seen Jay for maybe a total of 30 minutes in about the past 30 hours because he and his dad are taking turns trying desperately to get the field work done. I called him last night at 3am asking if he was ok and he said he was in the middle of "his shift". He and his dad were taking turns sleeping for 2 hours in the truck, while the other worked for 2 hours. This is not the first night they have done this, and I always worry about their safety with them being so tired.

I know that I am so excited for tomorrow evening. Ashley & her dance team will be competiting in our state dance & drill team competition. We have watched her compete at the high school level the past two years (as well as Chelsea last year), and are so looking forward to watching her this year competing at the college level.

I know that I have to take Austin shopping for black dress pants and a black dress shirt this weekend that he needs for Show Choir. I also know that as much as he enjoys shopping and trying clothes on, that this will be as much fun as getting a root canal without being numbed up.

I know that as I get older, I hum for no apparent reason, and I do it without even knowing I'm doing it. I find this bizarre because I am not a musical person. I love music, but I can't read notes, I can't play an instrument, and I can't sing. But obviously my inner Karen Carpenter is trying to come out. At least she knows enough to only hum.

I know that I probably have people who are reading this who are now thinking "ok, wow, this girl has issues or is just plain weird".

If you only knew the half of it....hehehe.


Anonymous said...

HERE'S WHAT I KNOW!!!!!! 45 years ago - a special blessing was born and TODAY is the day!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY - DENA - WE LOVE YOU.......

Anonymous said...

HERE'S WHAT I KNOW!!!!!! 45 years ago - a special blessing was born and TODAY is the day!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY - DENA - WE LOVE YOU.......

The Naths said...

Here, I was waiting for something fun and quirky about your birthday in the things you know, but it never came about. Thanks for leading me on and then disappointing me. I think that humming thing must be a family thing. Lance hums constantly....Sometimes, it is a nonsense tune, and sometimes it is a blast from the past kind of song. (Think Elvis or Journey or Air Supply Or any one-hit wonder, which he seems to always know the name of the group who sung it.) Anyway, I hope you are having an awesome b-day. We will call later...

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Well thanks for the recipe! Even if it isn't an ancient German-Norwegian-Chinese secret. And Happy Birthday!