Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Letter To "R"

Those that know me, know that I call 'em as I see 'em. If something upsets me or there is something I feel passionate about, you WILL know it....whether you want to or not. You may not agree with what I'm saying, and you may not like what I'm saying ,but you will know where I stand.

I am a member of a forum, and recently there has been a discussion of whether Christians should recognize Santa Claus, or even exchange gifts for Christmas. Keep in mind this is not a Christian based forum, or even a religion based forum, so it seemed bizarre that the topic was even brought up. I mentioned that while we do celebrate Jesus' birth as the main focus of the season, that yes, we have celebrated with gifts from Santa (and still do).

One lady from the forum emailed me and called me a hypocrite. I was shocked to say the least! She feels that if I'm a true Christian, that I should only celebrate Jesus' birth. But, because we also celebrate with Santa, and gifts, she says I'm a hypocrite. She said I deserve what I'll get, which is to burn in hell.

Um....excuse me?

I'm a hypocrite?

I deserve to burn in hell?

Because my kids get a gift saying it's from Santa?

I emailed her back asking how she came to this assumption and I have gone back and forth with her, for some reason allowing her to say hurtful things and to put me down. I am not perfect, but I'm not a mean person either, and I feel that a lot of what she has been saying is just plain mean and extremely judgemental.

Quite a few of us in the forum have blogs, and we've exchanged addresses for them. I do know this woman reads mine. I will call her "R".

"R", I am going to write out how we as a family celebrate Christmas and if you still feel I'm being a hypocrite, well then, I guess that's your opinion, but I will no longer respond to you (or allow you to respond here),or give you the satisfaction of me wasting anymore time being upset about this or worrying about it. I am writing it out here, because I have blocked you from my email address, and I have you on "ignore" in the forum. I am going under the assumption that you will come here and read the blog, so here goes....

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Oh wait...wrong speech. Let me try this again....

Yes, "R" in our home we do put up a Christmas tree (actually, we have 2 of them, one large and one small) & we hang stockings, and when the kids wake up on Christmas morning, they have gifts under the big tree and in their stockings. Yes, we still do that even though our children are all older. Yes, they were told they were from Santa when they were younger. When they were old enough for the truth, all accepted it fine, and it was no big deal....because we didn't make it a big deal. If you really want to think I'm weird, get this...I even have a stocking for each of my dogs, and Santa brings them each a new bone every Christmas. Scandalous, huh?

I have many decorations up in our home, including a large handmade Santa that my mother made, and I think it's absolutely beautiful. I proudly have it on display where all can see it. I also have 5 Nativity sets, and I think they are beautiful as well, including the one missing a Shepherd due to a nasty run-away sheep accident (ok, he actually fell off the table and broke into a bazillion pieces), and they are all proudly on display.

One of the Nativity sets is placed at the one end of our dining table. It's in front of the 6th seat at our table, which is a spot that we never use since there are only 5 in our family. That seat has always been the "special" seat reserved for guests. Since it's Jesus' birthday, he will get to sit in the "special" seat as our special guest.

On Christmas Eve we bake a birthday cake for Jesus and we decorate it and enjoy it on Christmas day. We remove the Nativity set from the table and a place setting is put there instead, and stays there while we eat. Jesus is our unseen guest sitting in the "special" seat on his special day. We even sing Happy Birthday to him....I sing horribly off key, but I sing.

So you see "R", I feel I am not hypocritical at all when it comes to Christmas. I believe fully that Christmas Day is Jesus' birthday. I also believe that there is nothing wrong with innocent fun and gift giving. I could care less if I ever received a Christmas gift, but I thoroughly enjoy giving to others. I really do. When I see one of my kids all excited about something they have received, it gives me great joy. As you know "R", Jesus himself was all about giving. Now, if that is all I put emphasis on at Christmas time, then yes, that would be wrong. But I don't.

So "R", I will continue to put up a Christmas tree and stockings. I will continue to give gifts to my children (and dogs) from "Santa". I will continue to sing "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree", "Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas", "Here Comes Santa Claus", and "Rudolph" right along with "Silent Night", "What Child Is This?", "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", "Joy To The World" and other beautiful songs and hyms.

And if that is hypocritical to you "R", I'm sorry, but that's just your opinion, and your opinion no longer matters to me. I only answer to one, and He loves me just the way I am. As a matter of fact, He loves me so much that He'd die for me, but then again...He already has.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering "R", yes, we hid eggs from the Easter Bunny too.

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