Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend In Review

We had quite a busy weekend, so I thought I'd give a little update as to all our wild and crazy times...

Friday Night
A winter storm rolled in and dumped lots of snow. What appears to be haze in this picture, is actually snow ~ blowing straight sideways.
While the weather outside was frightful, I used that time to start wrapping Christmas gifts. To keep Tucker from shredding the gifts, we put up a gate around the tree. So far it's working like a charm!

We woke up to the sound of Jay and his dad blowing out our drive. Look at all the snow we got!

After they finished that, we helped Chelsea move some things to her apartment. As you can see, another storm started to roll in as we drove to her apartment building. We drove about 35mph the entire way (approx. 25 miles).

Chelsea's 2 new roommates both had to work, but they left this note for her. Isn't that sweet.
I found a nail in the wall in her bedroom and hung up this very important item.

This is Jay and Chelsea in her living room. She's showing him the balcony they have.

This is her kitchen. Complete with all appliances, including a microwave and dishwasher. Did you have those in your first apartment? Me either.

Each girl has her own bedroom and her own bathroom. Chelsea is standing in the bathroom of her room. The vanity sinks are in the bedroom part. Why? I don't know. We all think it's kind of weird, but oh well. She's just thrilled to have her own bathroom.

I'll show more pictures as she gets settled in to her room and gets it all finished. Austin called and said the weather was getting worse again, so we all headed back home.

Saturday night Chelsea's boyfriend came over and we all sat and relaxed in the hot tub. Then we all watched the movie Elf (I still crack up watching that!).

Another blizzard came through on Saturday night, and we were snowed in, so we didn't make it to Church. Ashley was finally starting to feel better and be up more, so after lunch, she, Chelsea and I decided to decorate our gingerbread houses.
Here is Ashley being silly with the frosting. You can see her bruising from having her wisdom teeth out. It was really ugly looking a few days ago.
She worked on her house for a while, but then got tired and didn't feel well, so she went back to her room and laid down.
Chelsea had some construction "issues" with her house. Some of the pieces were broken, so after Jay fixed those, she got busy decorating her house.
My house had issues right from the start. It was not cooperating with me and the vision of the mansion that I had in my head, was not appearing on the tray. The windows kept falling off (yes I let them sit for a long time first), the door kept falling off. It was not going well. *sigh* So I used gumdrops for the windows and used frosting around them to cover up the remnants from the first windows. That sent my kids into a fit of laughter. I didn't get the joke, but they could barely breathe they were laughing so hard. Finally they told me what was so funny. Austin said "Uh mom, you still have your mansion you hoped for, but uh, I think you'll need to call it the 'Playboy Mansion' instead". They then pointed out that my new windows looked like boobs. Embarrassed oops! Not quite the look I was going for. My poor house had other issues too. The only part that actually turned out was the shingled roof. It's adorable. The rest...not so much. So, I wrapped gold ribbon around it and wrote "Crime Scene". It seemed appropriate given the way it looked.
I'll show more pictures of them later. The girls' are really cute!!!
The biggest problem we have had all weekend is the windchills. They have been vicious! We've had anywhere from -25 to -40 windchills. The poor dogs go out and then they get snow that freezes on their paws because it's so cold and then they can't walk, so we take turns going out to rescue them.

So that was our weekend. We are currently still snowed in. We have the tractor and the blade on Jays truck so we can get out if we HAVE to, but for now we're staying put. Austin already has a 2 hr delay for school tomorrow, and of course he's got his fingers crossed that it's canceled.

How was your weekend?

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