Saturday, January 17, 2009

Project 365 - Week 3

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Ok, here we go...........

Jan 11

We stopped at Cabela's on our way home from Minnesota. This is a picture of Jay reading about the elephant. It's really amazing what lifelike poses they put the animals in. It makes them appear so real.

Jan 12

School got out early as another blizzard started to come through, bringing dangerously cold temps along with it. I had a doctor appt for my neck/arm and didn't want to have to miss it, so Jay drove me there. This is the was almost eerie how empty it was.

Jan 13

These 2 girls were stuck in the deep snow trying to get out of their driveway to go to school, so after we dropped Austin off, we helped pull them out. I say "we", but actually Jay hooked up the chain and pulled them out. I just happened to have come along for the ride.

Jan 14

We have an electric water dish for the outdoor cats to be able to have fresh unfrozen drinking water. When the dish is empty, cats take turns sitting in the dish to get warm.

Jan 15

This was the temp at 2:00 in the afternoon - that's supposed to be the warmest part of the day.

Jan 16

Today was the first somewhat decent day as far as the weather goes that we've had in quite a while. Roads were clear and the temps actually got above 0. After my doctor appt, I ran a few errands that I had been putting off, then decided to do a little shopping at the mall before heading home. Jay had given me a gift certificate to a handbag store, so I bought this purse. All the bright colors help me think of Spring.

Jan 17

There was no way I could narrow down today to just one picture, unless I showed a picture of bleachers, which is what I sat on almost the entire day. We started off in the morning at Austin's basketball game. Then we ran home so he could shower, and we headed to Ashley's college. They had a basketball game this afternoon and her team danced on the sidelines and also performed at half-time. After that, we headed back to our school gym where Jay is one of the assistant coaches for a nearby high school basketball team who was playing against our school. So, I combined shots from all 3 games into one collage type picture.


sara said...

Great pics!

the cat sitting in the bowl is hilarious!!!!

Hope your week warms up a bit!

sara said...

btw, my neighbor across the street is Dena too!!!

Dena said...

Another Dena? Wow...we should start a club! I don't know any others. Yippee! I'm not alone anymore. LOL

Kim said...

It's been in the high 90s here and I cooled off just looking at your pictures! Brrrr! The cat in his warm dish just cracked me up ☺

Lisa said...

I put off errands for days too but then realize its gonna stay cold for another couple weeks. Very deserted Interstate!

LuAnn said...

Great Pics this week.
Love the cat!

Edie said...

Oh my goodness, let the cats come in the house! Wahahaha!! Kidding, as I'm sure they have chosen to stay outside with the luxury of a warming dish. LOL!!

It's way too cold where you live. Brrr. Loved the photos!

Nise' said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Love the cat in the bowl! They are so smart.

beckyjomama said...

WOW!!! I thought it was cold here! At least I don't have cats sitting in electric bowls! Too funny though!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well, like everybody else, the cat cracked me UP! lol

But I also loved the bag you got...and I love the fact that my thermometer has never, ever read negative anything. :-)

Great week!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Cutie cats! Also, you have a handbag store? Do you live in heaven?

Becky said...

and BRR!

Love the kitty spa pic.

And that handbag is so cute! Love it.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Really good pictures. I wish we had some snow (atleast for one day) it would help make sense of this really cold weather we are having here in Florida. The cat looks like he wants inside for a warm fireplace

Joan Davis said...

I love your pics! Poor little kitty warming her bottom. Funny how we both put practically the same pic with the thermometer in our cars. Luckily, mine said 8, not -11. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.

BTW: I have been to the American Gothic house in IA, they used to have those cut-outs in front:)