Sunday, January 04, 2009


You know how they say that no two snowflakes are alike? Well, that's least in our house.
One of Austin's teachers showed the kids a unique way to fold paper in order to make snowflakes. So far Austin's been a stinker and won't show me the "secret" folding, but he has made some really cool snowflakes which I have hung up in our front room window. I also have some on our sliding doors that lead to our deck.

In this first picture Gabby is playing "Vanna" and showing you the snowflakes in the front window:

And here are close-ups to show the detail of a couple of them:

Aren't those snowmen cute? I really need to figure out how he makes them! hhhmmm...he IS a growing teenage boy. Maybe if I withhold food?


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Gabby is SO cute! Those are some pretty intricate flakes. I love snow.

LuAnn said...

Nice job - keep it up

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Again, those are AMAZING. Very cool!