Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Lab Tests

I had a friend call me this past weekend and ask "So whatever happened with you and that lady you saw other than the foot bath fiasco?"

Oh, did I forget to fill you in on that? Sorry. I bet you've been sitting on the edge of your seats, right? Well, anyhow...here's the run-down, the down-low, & the low-down on what Ms. C feels is the issue with me. Well, medically anyhow, we won't even get into the whole psychological part.

In case you don't remember why I was going to see Ms. C, here's a brief update:

In Jan 2005 I decided to lose my leftover baby weight, which seemed appropriate since my baby was getting closer to being a teenager. I lost some and then added in exercise and lost some more. Joined a gym and lost some more. Then it all stopped. I worked out (hard) with a trainer for over 1 year and didn't lose another ounce. I was working out for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and got nuthin'. Doctors were no help as they all just said "Well losing weight is a lot of work". I KNEW that! As soon as I stopped my 3 hr work-outs, the weight started to come back on. I was beyond frustrated and found other symptoms arising, including severe fatigue (some days its all I can do to get out of bed), horrible headaches & body aches, etc. My sister mentioned someone she knew who went to Ms. C who deals with womens hormonal issues among other things, and uses all natural remedies to help with them. So as a last ditch effort to find someone who would help me, I set up an appointment.

Before seeing Ms. C I had a 10 page questionaire to fill-out. It seriously asked E.V.E.R.Y.T.H. I.N.G. I found myself blushing when I was sitting alone at the dining room table filling it out.

After my footbath, Ms. C took me to her office and we talked, and we talked, and we talked. We were in there for over an hour. She asked me questions about everything I had filled out on those forms and she went into great detail about every one of them. Going into such detail regarding my sex life with a stranger is just well, awkward, and I'm sure she noticed me squirming in my seat. LOL

Once we got all done she said "Well it's obvious to me, as should be to others that you have some serious hormonal imbalances and...brace yourself , but your also peri-menopausal. I laughed, because I already figured that part. She told me that every symptom I listed suggests hormones that are beyond messed up, and the first clue for doctors should have been all the fertility issues and other female issues I've had since in my 20's.

She started explaining that when you have imbalance "A" you get the following symptoms. When you have imbalance "B" you these symptoms, and so on. I sat there nodding my head thinking "Oh my gosh - that's ME! that's ME! So I'm not making these things up! They aren't all in my head!"

It felt so good to have someone listen to me.
It felt so good to have someone say they were going to do what they could to help me.
and mostly... It felt so good to have someone believe me.

She said "If you're working out that hard day after day and not losing anything, that tells you somethings not working right." I told her that's what I've been trying to tell my doctors and she shook her head and said "And they wonder why people are losing faith in the medical establishment?"

So, for starters she said that while she can tell I have parts of me that aren't functioning properly and most likely vitamin/mineral deficiences, we need to pinpoint exactly what those things are, and how severly they are deficient. That means tests...lots and lots of tests.

Urine test - I have to restrict my fluid intake to just 24 ounces in a 24 hour period, because they wanted the urine very concentrated. I'm doing this test tomorrow, and considering I drink 4 times that much in a day, it is going to be a looooong day.

Blood tests - I had 9 tubes of blood taken out. NINE! When I saw the lab tech setting all those tubes up, I was thinking I may need a transfusion after I have my own blood removed. LOL

Saliva test - This one grossed me out, not going to lie. I can't stand people spitting (like when you see them spitting on the ground), yuck! For this you have a small tube you have to spit saliva into, and you have to get it 3/4 full. Not only that, you have 4 tubes and you do them throughout the day. Nasty. I was so glad to have that one done.

I go back in a couple of weeks and will hear the results of all my tests. While I'm nervous to hear what all could possibly be wrong, I'm also excited to know that maybe, just maybe we've finally rounded the corner and heading down the path to good health.


sara said...

I am very interested in what you learn and wonder if there is a Mrs. C in my area!!!

Joyce said...

My grandson suffered from eczema from the time he was a baby until he was about 5. The docs kept giving him steroid cream! His mom took him to a Naturapathic doc and they did tests like you. Found out he was allergic to wheat, dairy, tomatoes, peanuts, and something else I can't remember. After a few years of cleaning out his system he was able to eat some of it again. But he had been poisoning his own body. Docs can be clueless.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I am dying of curiosity. keep us posted. No pun intended, but it works very well, doesn't it.

Becky said...

Wow what a rigamaroll. I laugh at the spit test cuz I feel the same way about hearing people (my kids) spit. Giving all those vials of blood would be torture for me but my veins have issues.

Can't wait to hear whats wrong with you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're checking into this and can't wait to hear what she says!♥

Debbie said...

I'm not a doctor, but I will tell you this....if you start feeling like you are living in a thick fog (or as I refer to it; having a cloud sitting in your head)...if you can't think straight and suddenly you feel as if you've been struck STUPID----Diagnosis: MENOPAUSE!!!!