Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 17

Sunday 4-19

Weekends are usually bathtime for the dogs. As you can tell, Molly is not thrilled about it being her turn this week.

Monday 4-20

Speaking of Molly, she had a trip to the vet today to update her rabies shot. I put her in the Vue while I paid, and she was anxiously waiting for me to come out so we could go back home.

Tuesday 4-21

After my appointment today and finding out all my test results, these are the medicines, vitamins, & supplements I am now on. Two of the prescription bottles are ones I already had (blood pressure pill and the water pill to go with it). The rest however, are new. This is why I now have an organizer to help me remember what to take, and when. :P

Wednesday 4-22

Planting is in full motion around here. The corn is all in the ground now, and next is the soybeans. Then we start saying our prayers for a good crop.

Thursday 4-23

One of the "requirements" for my Vit D deficiency is to get a minimum of 30 min of sunshine each day. Today was a beautiful day for that. I had some errands to run and when I was done with those, I had about an hour before my hair appt, so I went to a little park by the college baseball diamond, pulled out a book I had along with me, and sat at a picnic table while enjoying the sunshine and 73 degree weather. I loooooooove Spring!

Friday 4-24

My son had another golf meet today and on the way home we ran into the edge of a severe thunderstorm as we got closer to home. This is another reason I love Spring. Look at these clouds! How amazing are they? I love storms and would love to be a storm chaser and the gorgeous views in the sky is part of the reason why.

Saturday 4-25

FYI: When putting a can of diet coke in the freezer so it will get cold faster, it's a good idea to set the timer so you don't get busy and forget about it until you hear a muffled explosion coming from that same freezer. It leaves a big mess for you to have to clean up.

There you have it...another week gone by! Be sure to head on over to Sara's. She's hosting Project 365 and you can see lots of other great pictures! Click on the link in the sidebar to get there.


fransmomma said...

GREAT cloud picture!!!

Esthermay said...

I go nuts when I see a puppy or a dog in a car or van in a parking lot. I act like a little kid and go over to the window and act like a clown. I've made a fool of myself quite a number of times. Now that I have small children again, I'm teaching them my trade. Look out for US!
- - -
that's a lot of pills, my friend! :-0
- - -
OH! The planting season!!!!!!!
Is there anyone else that gets goosebumps and waves of emotion/tears when they witness this?? God's plan of agriculture and seasons just amazes me EVerY Year!
- - -
We witnessed some of those tremendous clouds here too Friday evening. Storms are another of those phenomenal Creations I get goosebumps over . . .
- - -
pop can in freezer: hahahahaha
GREAT photos this week!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Becky said...

OH AHAHAHAHAhahahahahah! I put my soda in the freezer all the time. That has not happened to me... YET. I have opened it only to have it start fizzing over then its flat and worthless.

I love stormy skies as well and LOUD thunder.

Molly is sooooo cute.

Yikes on the vitamins. Are they working yet?

LuAnn said...

Great Pictures this week. Your cloud picture is amazing.
We love when dogs come to our drive thru at work. We give them treats.
Praying for your bountiful crops for you.
Blessings this week.

sara said...

I can see why you need an organizer..that is a lot of pills!

the clouds are beautiful....but a storm chaser? that is to intense for me!

you only have to have a coke explode once to never do that again...what a mess, sorry!

great week!

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed your pictures this week. That was a great idea someone came up with. Just a small snippet of everyday life. Like the diet coke explosion. What a great picture. And the clouds. . . well, no words needed there. Thanks for sharing. And I'll be praying for your crops and all the others just like them here in Georgia!

skoots1mom said...

loved all your pics...especially Molly!
thanks for coming by...

Kim said...

The last photo cracked me up! Been there, done that. Only I had put an entire 12-pack into our spare freezer in the garage. Wow!

I love Spring too. Things starting to turn green, taking off a coat and putting on a sweater (or going without either!), sunshine... ahhhhhh.

Sorry for all the pills you gotta take. Those organizers are very cool though! Our daughter fills the ones for her grandparents and keeps tabs to make sure they're taking them. Provides a little peace of mind :-)

Lisa said...

That's a good idea to take 30 minutes outside, whether you need it or not...especially with a good book in hand!

Bummer about your freezer. I get frustrated at my own messes that I could have easily prevented.

Beautiful clouds.

tiffany said...

Ack, sorry you have to take so many pills, that really stinks, but I hope they help you feel much better!!
Yesterday we gave our dogs a bath too :o) Should have taken a picture but it would have been boring, they just sit there... lol

rita said...

I'm not sure I have ever visited your blog before. I am trying to get around to every one, plodding , one per day.
I enjoyed your photos and I think I want to take on your goal--30 min. a day in the sun. And the cloud--magnificent!