Thursday, May 07, 2009

I Miss My Daily Dose Of Humor

One of my daughters called me yesterday and our conversation went like this:

Daughter: Ummm, mom when you see me this weekend, don't worry, I'm ok, just sore and I have a few bruises.

Me: Oh no. What happened?

Daughter: I was rollerblading with some friends yesterday and was going down a hill and couldn't stop, and I got hit by a car."

Me: Oh my gosh! You got hit by a car? Are you ok?

Daughter: No mom, I hit a car. The car was parked. But, I think I might have dented it, and I left a face print on it.

Can you imagine the confusion on the car owners when they see a dent and a face print? LOL

Me: "Um, sweetie, you do know that rollerblades have brakes on them, right?"

"Yes mom duh, but when you're going really fast ... they obviously don't work!"

I really do miss hearing things like this every day! LOL