Sunday, May 03, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 18

Sunday 4-26

Today is Jay's Grandmothers birthday. We met Grandma Shirley at McDonalds (one of her favorite places) with lots of other family members. She is such an awesome, loving woman who has Jesus in her heart and her love for him and her family shines through in all she does.

Monday 4-27

Except for one meet, we have really had to bundle up while watching Austin golf this season. bbbrrr! Each time I'd walk by Jay I'd tell him how sexy he was looking. He'd just laugh and say "I don't care....I'm warm!" LOL

Tuesday 4-28

Austin won his first golf meet of his varsity team career. He was pretty excited!

Wednesday 4-29

Today is my dad's birthday. We stopped to see him after Austin's ortho appointment and he said something that had Austin both laughing and blushing...I won't go into what that was. :)

Thursday 4-30
We had a fog advisory until about 10am, but it was a gloomy, rainy, yucky day ALL day.

Friday 5-1

Chelsea filled out some information at the admissions office for the college she's transferring to in the Fall. I kept asking her "Why are you so determined to grow up?" :)

Saturday 5-2

This afternoon/evening we spent at Ashley's college watching her Dance Team's Annual Show. So fun to watch, but at the same time, this signals the end of the first year of college. I can't believe their first year is over already.
That's the end of another week for us, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took. Please go visit Sara (through the button in the side bar) and check out her pictures as well as the others she's hosting! Why not join in while you're there. :)


LuAnn said...

Cogrates to Austin on winning his golf meet WOO HOO !!!! And varisty too.
Happy Birthday to your dad. My dad had a birthady yesterday!!!
Have a great week!

sara said...

you do look pretty cold out there watching the golf! we have the opposite..our golf team plays the first of the year when it is BLAZING hot!!!

Hard but good to see the kids grow up, isn't it?!

Have another wonderful week!

Lisa said...

It just is not watching the same watching golf in the freezing cold. But its May HAS to start getting warmer!

TCKK said...

Looks like you had a great week! It's so fun to get to know you through these posts!

rita said...

I enjoy your photography, you have an artist's eye.
Loved the one of grandma, maybe because I am one. She looks so special.
Your kids are so successful. You've worked hard, no wonder you're tired!
The fog photo reminded me of trying to explain 'dismally' to my LEPs this week.
Emjoy each day with your lovely family!

Kim said...

Hopefully the weather improves before the golf season is over :-) I'm with Jay, comfort and warmth over fashion any day! :-)

Our kids just grow up and leave right when we get them trained. LOL But then that's what we raise them for...

Kelly said...

Enjoyed your pictures once again! I just may go check Sara out and join myself! Thanks for letting me know about it. Hope you have a good week. May the fog and the chill in the air be gone for a while.

Susan D said...

Fabulous really captured the dampness and chill as well as your hubby's discomfort. My daughter was in color guard w/the marching band. I sure miss all the competitions and performances. Those were good times. Have a great week. Blessings, SusanD

beckyjomama said...

Go Austin on the golf meet ... but I REALLY wanna know what Granpa said :)
Great pics!

tiffany said...

They grow up way to fast don't they?
Happy birthday to your Dad, and what a nice time spent with Jay's Grandmother, she looks so sweet!