Saturday, May 09, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 19

Sunday 5-3

No picture for today (the first one I've missed). One of the thyroid meds I'm on didn't agree with me and I had a reaction that made me feel as if I was having a mild heart attack or something heart related. Thankfully and EKG proved that wasn't the case, and after the thyroid medicine wore off I felt much better.

Monday 5-4

Today we went to watch Austin and the golf team in a conference meet. They won the meet, and Austin (plus 4 other team members) were named to the all-conference team. We were really excited for all of them!

Tuesday 6-5

Thunderstorms popped up off and on all day today. Thankfully nothing severe.

Wednesday 5-6

Grocery shopping - Ugh. A job I don't enjoy doing, but one I enjoy having done....especially once it's all put away.

Thursday 5-7

The sun came out finally and Tucker found it to be a great day to chase the minis.

Friday 5-8

I mixed up some veggies (broccoli, carrots, peppers, & onions) and tossed them in the crockpot with baby potatoes and a pork loin. I make this meal every couple of weeks. One of our favs.

Saturday 5-9

I went to Ashley's college to help her and a future roommate move. They are moving from the dorms to "suites" on campus, which has a main room and two bedrooms. Three of the girls (including Ashley) are taking summer classes, so they are able to move over now instead of waiting until Fall. Oh my goodness did she acquire a whole lotta "stuff" in the past year! LOL

Well, that was our week. Head over to Sara's (click on the Project 365 button in the sidebar) to see her great pictures as well as others who are participating!


LuAnn said...

I love your horses running - And I am also tired of rain.

Happy Mother's Day Dena!!!!

sara said...

I'm with you...I really don't like grocery shopping and I'm always glad when it is done and put away!!

I think it is so funny that little dog is chasing those big horses (even tho they are minis)!!

My daughter moved home yesterday...crazy how much stuff she had gotten in her car!

Happy mother's day!

mom and dad said...

happy mother's day to you!!one special gal!!

Kim said...

Getting used to new meds is no fun!

By the time Ashley's done with college, will you have to rent a U-haul? LOL My DD is the same way. She's in an apartment and half the garage space is "extra" stuff.

Looks like it finally warmed up so watching the golf games is a little more pleasurable?

I'm with you on the grocery shopping! Not a chore I enjoy. Except when it comes to checking out the chocolate selection :-)

Have a great week!

Nise' said...

Sorry you had a reaction to your medication, that is never any fun! I will be moving kids to and from dorms for a few years yet!

skoots1mom said...

i'm not looking forward to college moving...
the horses are adorable as is puppy!!
glad you're feeling sure to write that med on the "NO" list :)

TCKK said...

Congrats to your son!

The picture of the horses running is so cool!!

Hope your daughter likes her new room. I've got one more school year and then my oldest will be leaving for college!

tiffany said...

Sorry to hear about the reaction to the meds, that must have been scary!
Great pics this week, love the doggie chasing the horses! lol

rita said...

grocery shopping--I am sooooo with you on that one.
horses--cool! We had a couple for a lot of years. Glad we don't have to feed them d.a.i.l.y anymore.
meal--looks and sounds great, you gave me an idea. For now, though, until I retire Mike is cooking!
Have a healthy, happy week.
(I am amazed at how much you do even with your debilitating and deppressing issues.)