Thursday, June 25, 2009

Golf Moms Need To Know....

I've gone over these things before, but I was surprised recently when talking to a fellow golf-mom to find that she still didn't know what she as a devoted golf-mom needed to know, so I felt I should go over it again.

For those of you who have budding golf-aholic children like my Austin, I am here to make your life easier for those long days ahead. Here is what you need to know to be a good golf mom:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Golf courses with large galleries where you sit on bleachers like you see on tv, only happen on tv. In real life you will walk every hole that you want to be able to see your child. Be prepared, stretch in advance, and stay hydrated. Not all courses are created equal. Most are hilly. Very, very hilly. Be prepared to feel that the next morning. Consider renting a cart if the course will allow them. Your feet will thank you later.

2. Keep plenty of detergent and stain remover on hand. Golfaholics play almost daily, and they play in the rain, which means very muddy pants. You will be doing more laundry than you ever thought possible and your knuckles will be raw from all the scrubbing. That's the sacrifice a golfoholic mom makes. Stock up now.

3. Keep your camera handy. All those once in a great while shots will happen when you least expect it. Make sure your battery is charged and your memory card has plenty of room. Otherwise your golfaholic child will say "Did you see that great shot?" and you will have to just smile and nod. But wait until you see their undying devotion when you show them the photo you took of that great shot. Seriously, they will carry you on their shoulders....well, in your dreams anyhow.

4. Pack at least 2 bottles of water, gatorade, powerade or whatever they prefer to drink in their golf bags. Have one cold, and the other frozen. That way the frozen one will be thawed, yet still cold for the back 9 holes they play. You however will want to bring along an IV for yourself. By the 5th or 6th hilly hole that you've hiked, you are going to be dehydrated. Oh, and for the record, golfaholics don't appreciate it if you point out the port-a-potties just in case they have drank too much.

5. Golfaholics really benefit from a healthy snack to keep them going. Austin's healthy choice is a ginormous bag of Skittles. I've suggested string cheese, fruit, or even a peanut butter sandwich, but nope, nothing gives him energy for 18 holes like a massive sugar rush.

Follow this and you will find that you are a successful golf mom. Tiger's mom and I can guarantee it. Not that I know her personally or anything, but I'm guessing that any day now she'll be calling me up to see if I want to share a cart at the next tournament.

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Becky said...

Your are the greatest golf mom EVAH! You should seriously submit this to golf digest or something. lol