Saturday, July 04, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 27

Week 27 here we are! I still can't believe we are now over 1/2 way through the year! WOW!

Sunday - 6/28

Austin had a golf tournament that was quite a ways away, so by the time he and Jay got home, all Austin really wanted to do was veg out on the couch. However, Tucker wanted to play his favorite game, which is where he jumps at Austin like he's trying to attack him, and Austin pushes him away with an old pillow...then Tucker goes nuts attacking the pillow. It's actually very funny to see in person. LOL

Monday - 6/29

Austin had a golf meet at the #1 course in the state of Iowa. Calling it "beautiful" is a major understatement. It is a beautiful place, but a very tough course to play. Austin did very well considering it was his first time to play this particular course.

Tuesday - 6/30

I got my hair cut today. My hair is very, very, VERY thick (I always tell my stylist that I appreciate her not charging me double considering how much hair I have). The stylist always takes the thinning shears to my hair and goes over and over it, thinning it down. It feels so good when she's done. I'm always amazed at how quickly that thickness can grow back! (Sorry it's such a small picture. Austin was messing around with the phone and adjusted the photo size and I didn't realize he'd done that - darn kid! :-P)

Wednesday - 7/1

I took Austin to his weekly golf lesson this evening. He meets one on one with his instructor to work on anything he feels he struggled with during the past week while at different meets. I'm really impressed with this instructor. He has a different full-time job, but gives lessons to kids in the evenings and he is awesome with kids of all ages. He makes it fun for Austin, yet gives him the info and guidance he needs to improve without talking down to him. Austin really likes him.

Thursday - 7/2

We headed out to the campground for the rest of the week and weekend. Ashley stated that since she was now a college educated woman, she would grill her own hamburger. However, she must have skipped the lecture on how to start the grill, because she proceeded to hollar "Oh Daaaaaaddy!" until he came over and lit the grill for her.

After supper, some of the kids (yes, including one of my college age daughters) were "craving " S'mores, however we had forgotten our sticks for them at a home. We only have plastic silverware here, so they decided to roas the marshmallows using their pinky fingers as their roasting sticks. We laughed so hard watching these kids holding their fingers over the fire, then jumping around yelling "Hot, Hot, Hot!" I'm so glad to know that the college tuition is being put to good use. Although, it was great entertainment for us.

Friday - 7/3
Our Community fireworks show was held tonight instead. There are several fireworks displays that will be much larger tomorrow night, and rather than trying to compete with them, our smaller display is just done the night earlier.

It's still a nice show for such a small community!

Saturday - 7/4

Rain ruined our original plans for the day. Ashley & Chelsea have always participated in a horse show on the 4th, but todays show was rained out. We still found ways to have fun. We grilled pork burgers.....

And we also asked the question of the day: "Why is Tucker content to stand outside in the rain, looking in through the window to watch us, instead of coming in through the doggie door (just right of the frame) where he could watch us and not look like a drowned rat?" But no, he just stood there in the rain, getting soaked. What a goofy dog!

Well, those are our unusual group of pictures from an unusual week. I hope you head over to Sara's, our Project 365 hostess, to check out many more great photos as well! Click on the button in the side bar to get to her blog.


Kelly said...

Hey Dena,

I know you're a praying woman, so I'm asking for an urgent prayer request for the son-in-law of my aunt. He's 36 and had a stroke this morning. It's pretty serious and they've lifeflighted him to a hospital in TN. He and his wife have two little girls under three years old. Will you please pray for them and ask any of your other praying friends to pray too, please? Thanks.

Christine said...

It sounds like you have a great and really fun family. We love camping too--sorry it rained on you. It rained a little here last night too, but it did'nt stop our neighbors from shooting off their fireworks.
Happy Independence weekend!

sara said...

wish you could send some of your think hair my way!!!

every time I see camping pictures, I miss it! some day we will camp again!

last night we pooped out and didn't go to see the fireworks...1st time ever. But we all have kids going to Brazil this morning. I now get to see the fireworks in your pics!! yea!

Kim said...

I think we had nicer weather here in Argentina on the 4th than y'all did in the U.S. It was high 60s and sunny. And it's winter!

Those are very good fireworks photos.

Your kids are too funny! "Hot! Hot!" Oh.My.Word.

Lisa said...

Apparently they did not take any "practical life" courses in college yet. But hey, you do what ya gotta do, especially when chocolate is involved!

I have really thick hair too. Having half of what I have would be sufficient!

So, are you able to walk with Austin along the course and watch each hole or do you just park it and see a couple only?

skoots1mom said...

all of your descriptions cracked me up...too funny
silly dog used to love standing in the rain :)
great pics

Susan D said...

Great fireworks pictures. Those are difficult to capture. Blessings, SusanD

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Im seriously considering hating you for that thick hair. Argh! OK, I don't hate you, but I am jealous.

Kelly said...

Your hair is gorgeous! Mine's thick, but so fine it just makes a tangled rat's nest. Loved all your pictures. Looks like y'all had a good time camping. Sorry about the rain. Send some to Georgia. We're dry as can be.

tiffany said...

I have really thick hair and always feel soooo good after I get it thinned out. Yours looks great!
Love the pics this week, looks like you all had a lot of fun!