Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She'll Appreciate This Someday

I'm pre-empting this blog post. I wanted to apologize to all the other blogs I visit and those who visit here. I haven't been around to any of your sites in days. We've been gone to the lake, and then I was knocked off my feet by a migraine, and now today I will be with my son all day long at one of his junior golf tournaments. I haven't ignored you all, I promise! I will reply to your comments and emails as soon as I get back home again.

Ok...we now return you to the regularly scheduled blog post:

I just have to share the funniest thing I've heard recently. It still cracks me up when I think about it.....although Ashley refers to it as "just plain dumb".

To the left is a picture of our Ashley in one of her college dance team outfits. As you can see, she is very petite (only about 5'2") and thin. She also doesn't look as though she can be 19 and going on her sophomore year in college, especially when you see her in person and her hair is pulled back in a ponytail...however, we do think she looks post-pubescent, although a theater worker evidentally doesn't agree.

Apparently, Ashley and a couple of her college friends went to go to a PG-13 movie this past week and the person selling tickets asked Ashley for her ID. Ashley looked at her and said "I didn't bring it. I didn't think I'd need it" and the worker said that she needed proof Ashley was old enough to see this movie. That meant the worker thought she was 12 years old! LOL

Of course Ashley's friends had a great laugh with that, and they were good sports when they had to change their plans and see a different movie that was only a PG, so that Ashley could go see it with them.
Give her 20 years or so, and she might finally be able to look back with fondness at this, but for now, I can just see the look on her face, and fondness is the not the word I'd use. LOL


Becky said...

Wow...LOL, that is too funny.

Susan D said...

Great story. Hope you had a great time at the lake. Good luck to the boy at the tournament. Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

omg, that happened to me all the time. I got carded at my first R rated movie, I was 25 (back then R rated movies weren't so bad!). I couldn't wait till I turned 30 b/c I just knew I would look my age...nope. I have to say that now I am a very happy woman, but it was so annoying when I was young!

Kelly said...

May she always be young and beautiful!