Saturday, July 18, 2009


Our kennel office cat Curi (short for Curiosity) is going to live with Chelsea at her new apartment at the end of this month. Currently she is still living in the kennel office, even though the kennel is closed. That's been her "home" for several years, so we've just let her stay there.

I go over once a day to spend time with her, feed her, etc and last Thursday she was just fine. Last Friday when I went over her front leg was swollen and she wouldn't put any weight on it.

I ran her to the animal ER and while they are good there, they can sometimes be a little over eager to do procedures. They said she had an infection and they wanted to keep her, put her on antibiotics by IV, and prep her for surgery in the morning to get rid of the infection. The cost? $3500-$4000.

Needless to say, Curi came home with me and we brought some antibiotics with us. They almost acted offended that I wouldn't pay that amount. I had said "lets try antibiotics first. If that doesn't work we can talk about doing more at that time." They acted as though I said "I hate this animal, let me take her home to die."

Today, I did take Curi to my normal vet, who lanced the infection and gave us a stronger antibiotic. She made me feel better when she said she agree 100% with my decision to bring her home.

I do feel bad for Curi. She looks miserable and pathetic. However, she's also really ticked off at us because we keep shoving pills down her throat. She normally comes when you call her, but she's gotten wise and stays hidden, which means we have to hunt for her twice a day...and risk getting scratched up.

I've just about had it with you people. Notice my pinned back ears? That means "I've got claws and I'm not afraid to use 'em!"

I originally typed this post this past Monday, but then decided to hold off publishing it in the event things didn't go well and we lost Curi. I'm happy to report that while she's still not back to her normal greatness yet, the past few days she has finally been putting some weight down on her leg and the swelling is gone. Yeah! So hopefully she'll be good as new when she goes to live with Chelsea in a week or so.

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