Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 28

I'm sorry I'm late getting my pictures up here this week! We had family here all day yesterday (Saturday) and Friday I was busy getting things ready for them to come. Anyhow, here's our Week 28 pictures. Enjoy!!

Sunday 7-5

I'm not a huge tennis fan, but for some reason I have always loved watching Wimbeldon, so this afternoon I vegged out on the couch and saw some excellent matches! And yes, that is a can of Raid beside the tv. I saw a spider and he went into hiding behind the tv stand. As soon as he came out, I was ready for him.

Monday 7-6

We came home from camping on Sunday, but it's craziness at the campgrounds on that day because everyone wants to get their camper out. Since we live so close, we always just wait until Monday morning. Here, Jay and his dad are rolling up the awning and getting ready to hook the camper up to the truck so we can bring it home.

Tuesday 7-7

Storm number 1 of the week came through. Thankfully nothing too severe, but enough that I jumped at a couple of the extra loud claps of thunder.

Wednesday 7-8

I went to run a couple of errands and I saw "Boots" one of our outdoor farm cats sleeping up on top of the kids' old swingset. Jay had wrapped the chains up, so he could mow underneath (we don't always leave them like that LOL). I just can't imagine sleeping up high on such a narrow spot. I'd be afraid I'd fall off, and knowing my clutzy skills - I would!

Thursday 7-9

This was my view for 3 1/2 hrs as I sat in the waiting room at the ER for our cat. "Curi" (short for Curiosity) had a front leg that was swollen and she wouldn't put weight on it, so I took her to the animal ER - because of course, just like a child, things like this ALWAYS happen outside of office hours. I'm glad she'll be ok, but for goodness sakes - 3 1/2 hrs??? And...Curi was the only patient who came in that entire time! :-/

Friday 7-10

Storm number 2. This one earned a Severe Thunderstorm Warning from the NWS. This picture was taken at 9am. As you can see, it was dark enough that our security yard light came on. We lost electricity a couple of times, but within an hour after this picture was taken, the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day.

Saturday 7-11

Today is our 22nd Anniversary. All my family was here for our annual summer get together, so they helped us celebrate.

Ok, by now I'm sure most people have already been to Sara's to check out all the other photos you can see. But if you haven't you go there through the link in the side bar. :)


Darla said...

great storm picture! i love the green acres theme of your blog!...and camping looks like fun!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I love storms, so these pictures are great! Not so fun, though, when you lose electricity or they get really dangerous.

Happy Anniversary - 22 years is pretty amazing!

Kim said...

Very cool storm photos. Is the cat up on the swing set the same one you spent 3-1/2 hours with in the ER? Poor kittie, and poor you!

CONGRATS on your anniversary! Fun that family could celebrate with you.

Liz said...

I am with the others - fabulous photo of the storm!