Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fair Updates - Tues & Wed


"KILLER HILL!" It may not look bad from this shot, but it's looooooong and steep, and looooooong. Long & steep enough that my little scooter will only make it about 1/2 way up. Then Jay has to give us a little push to make it the rest of the way. Dumb hill.

This is inside the hog barn and these are our pens. The kids do all the chores on their pigs, however Jay is caring for Ashley's pigs in this picture because she is on the college dance team and they have daily practices. Thankfully, the coach is allowing her to miss practice on the days when she actually shows her pigs, so she's excited about that.

Chelsea & Ashley recently got new phones and both were concerned that the metal structure of the hog buildings would make it hard for them to get a good signal to text. Both were delighted to find they can still text as well as get on the internet and most importantly - Facebook. :)

This is one of the many outdoor restaurants on the fairgrounds. This particular one is popular with our family because it's right outside the hog barn, which makes it extra convenient.

Austin and the son of some friends of ours took one of Austin's pigs for a walk around the barn. They try to get them all out walking every day.

You are assigned a number when you check in, and when your number is called, that's when you bring your pigs to the scale to be weighed in. While waiting, playing cards is a popular way to pass the time.

Our kids have met many kids from all over the state over the years. As our girls have gotten older, they have had an increasing amount of attention from the guys...not something that totally thrills their dad. :)

The last thing they did tonight was to give their pigs baths so they will be nice and clean for the show tomorrow. Some pigs do pretty well with baths, while others squeal and run around, pretty much guaranteeing that you will be as wet as they are.

That's pretty much been the excitement around here so far. The fair officially starts tonight after the parade and the crowds descend upon the fairgrounds starting tomorrow morning. Our first day of showing will start at 8am, so I'll get pictures of that to share.


mom and dad said...

thanks for sharing - our sincere best to the kids at the time of their showing! know they will do great....
our love to all

Kelly said...

Can't wait to hear how the pigs do!