Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here's The After

We ended up school shopping and having a couple of other errands to run yesterday, and I didn't get the after shot of Austin put up as quickly as I liked, so I just decided to wait and have it come up today. Make it more suspenseful. ha!

As a reminder, here's his before shot:

While he was having his teeth cleaned today after having the braces removed, the dental assistant came out and showed me the mold they had made of his teeth on the day he had braces put on :
Isn't it amazing? To think that just 2 short years ago, his teeth were such a mess.

And here he is now!!: Looks great doesn't he? He said he can't stop running his tongue across the front of his teeth because they feel so smooth. His gums do have some hereditary issues and he'll have to have some grafting done as he has lost some gum tissue on the bottom, but we've been told that it's a minor thing right now, and that having it done now should mean he'll never have to worry about it again.

I just can't get over the difference it has made, and I can tell he's excited about it too. He has been in such a great mood and hasn't stopped smiling! Today is the first day of school, so he is excited to show off his new smile too.


Kelly said...

Aren't braces amazing?

sara said...

what a handsome guy!!!

My youngest gets his off in Oct!!!

I still remember the feeling of smooth teeth after getting mine off. and then biting in to a big sandwich and not having the bread stick in my braces!

mom and dad said...

wow-----what a good lookin guy!! dividends were truly paid and looking forward to seeing the smile in person.....

Jenny wren's nest said...

My son has braces, his front teeth were so far apart that the kids from school asked him if he was missing a tooth in the front, I cant wait to see the results.
your son looks great.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

WOW! That's amazing!! He's so fortunate that you did that at his age...I am in the process now of having to get braces to fix my overbite.

I SO wish I had done this in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! :-) I could have had a beautiful smile for the last TWO DECADES!

Good for you, Austin! :-)

2Thinks said...