Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Random Shots From The Fair

Here's the exhibitor camping area. We are packed in pretty tightly, as you can see. If vehicles park mostly paralellel and get very close to their campers, there is room to get through, but it can get pretty tight.

I went up to the next level to get a shot of the tops of our campers. Our camper is the second one from the right on the bottom row. We are close enough together that no one puts their awning out...there's no room. We do have our patio rug out (as do most people), but that's mostly to protect from the mud when it rains.

This is the home of the worlds greatest cinnamon rolls (according to Austin). A local church has run this stand for many years and it's a great fundraiser for them. They serve meals all day, and congregation members sign up to work 1 hour shifts.

The cultural building houses 4-H, FFA, & open class art works. Everything from photography, paintings, sculptures, woodworking & dollhouses that have been judged.

All items are divided into youth and adult categories, but no matter what the age, I'm always amazed at their abilities. I'd love to have talent like they have!

I always enjoy the dollhouses the most. These people have worked so hard and no detail is too small. Right down to working clocks on the wall, or lights that turn on and off,

They have lace and linen, wallpaper an paint, linoleum and carpet. They really are so fun to look through. This year there were even a few entries that were campers, or buses made into campers. So creative.

Well I'm off to walk around again. I hope you all are having as great of a Thursday as we are!!

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