Saturday, August 29, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 35

Well I didn't officially participate the past 2 weeks since we were gone to the state fair, but I did take pictures every day and posted most of them, so I'm going to consider those my weeks 33 & 34. LOL Just check out the previous posts links to see them all. On to week 35....

Sunday - 8/23

Last day at the fair. On the last day we always do 2 things together. One thing is thatJay and the kids ride the sky glider (aka: ski lift) from one end of the fairgrounds and back (I sit and watch because the last time I tried to ride it...with my fear of heights...let's just say it wasn't pretty). The other thing we do is ride "Ye Old Mill" together. It's a little ride that's a boat and leads you through dark tunnels. I think when first built it was sort of like a tunnel of love kind of ride, and who knows, maybe it still is today. For us, my kids just love seeing how much they can get the little boat to rock back and forth and freak mom out. It's also a "tradition" for them to stand and touch each poster along the route. Does anyone really understand teenagers? LOL

Monday - 8/24

Today we took Curi to Chelsea's apartment where she will live now. She wasn't too sure about everything at first and was pretty scared, but after the first couple of days, Chelsea says she acts as if she's lived there forever, and loves all the attention she gets when friends come over.

Tuesday - 8/25

Austin got his braces off today. He was so excited and I can't get over how grown-up he looks now.

Wednesday - 8/26

We drove 7 long hours to St. Louis, MO. My feet and toes get very sore when on a hard surface for long periods, so a super soft, super cushiony pillow helps so much!

Thursday - 8/27

We're in St. Louis for my appointment with the specialist.

Friday - 8/28

This past Tuesday, Molly had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Since we were going to be gone, we had her boarded at the Vet clinic until we got back, and I picked her up this morning. The poor thing nearly choked herself trying to get to me when they brought her out of the boarding area. She was so happy to be home, and we're happy she's going to be ok.

Saturday - 8/29

Tucker has some wierd skin "thing" going on right now. His skin on his legs, base of the tail, an in his ears are all bright red and he chews on them constantly. The vet said it could be allergy related, and that with our crazy weather, they are seeing more skin related problems with animals. So, for 2 weeks I have an allergy pill to give him every day and a topical ointment to help ease redness and soreness on those affected areas. To keep him from licking the ointment while it absorbs in, I have to wrap him in the tape that adheres to itself. This picture shows his tail wrapped up. You can imagine how goofy he looks with all 4 legs wrapped up too. LOL

That's our week. Be sure to head on over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar to check out all the other great Project 365 photos!!


Esthermay said...

No. no-one understands teenagers. But that one does look very much like a young man :)
Pitiful thing about puppy. These kind of pictures just make me laugh!
Hoping the visit to specialist was positive!

sara said...

yea, for braces off!!!! looking forward to that for my son soon.

those little collar things on the dogs just crack me up!!!

hoping you get some answers this week!

Kim said...

Austin SMILED! :-) How'd you manage that? He was just so happy to get the braces off that he spontaneously smiled? LOL That's a great photo, btw.

Hope all the animals are on the mend. You too! Hope the specialist can figure out what's wrong.

Dena said...

Kim, it was the last day of Summer vacation and he wanted to get on the jet ski, but I said we were not leaving the parking lot at the dentist office until he gave me a good smile. LOL

rita said...

Good to have you back from fair and St. Louis. Trusting for health all around!