Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser

I am soooooooo excited because Biggest Loser is starting their new season. I love this show more than any other reality tv show. I mean seriously, what show gives you as much blood, sweat, spandex, and vomit as this one does?

Remember last years winner....Tara Costa? She is still looking great and sticking to her love of exercising and is using it to help others by hosting runs and other events. Tara is going to be blogging about her experiences and how she sees things going on this new season of BL. You can read her blog here:

Tara Blogs @ People

If I thought there was a chance my thyroid would actually kick and start working again, thereby giving me at least a fighting chance to lose weight, I think I'd actually like going on that show. But only if I could have Bob as my trainer. Jillian would make me cry.

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sara said...

Jillian makes me cry and I only see her on a DVD!!!