Saturday, October 17, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 42

Another week has gone by. Wow, they keep going faster and faster! Have any of you started your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't even given it a thought...but I probably better soon.

This was our last week of cross country meets, and with the weather getting a lot colder, I'm pretty happy the season is done. And actually, so is Austin. He really doesn't like cross country all that much, but he participates to keep in shape for the upcoming basketball season, and it helps keep his lungs stronger as well.

Ok, on to this weeks pictures...

Sunday - 10/11

We relaxed and watched NFL football all day. We watched our favorite teams, the Vikings and the Broncos both win (Woot! Woot!), although I have to be honest and say that watching the Broncos game was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I love the Broncos, but they wore their throwback uniforms from their first two years in the league (back in the 60's). Look at these hideous uniforms. Brown and yellow? Are you serious? And those socks! Oh my goodness! I don't know who decided to change to orange and blue after that, but I am so glad they did!

Monday - 10/12

Today was the conference cross country meet. Normally there would have been at least 6 races, but we had snow flurries today and it was so cold, they decided to combine the races so there were only 2. All girls (jv and varsity) and all boys (jv and varsity) ran together. Made it extremely crowded at the starting line, but it sure was nice not to have to stand out there very long. You can't tell it, but Austin has 2 Under Armour shirts on under his jersey. He can't stand being cold - he gets that from me. LOL He did so great, and he placed 9th in the conference for jv.

Tuesday - 10/13

A year ago, at the State Fair, Chelsea ordered a personalized jacket. This past Summer, Austin & Ashley decided they'd each like one as well. They finally came today. Austin's is the gray jacket, and Ashley's is dark red. She only has her name on the front, with no picture.

Wednesday - 10/14

Today I got my hair cut and some lowlights put in. I had my hair lightened up during the Summer, but for Fall and Winter I decided to go a little darker blonde, which is my natural color.

In the evening I helped host a pasta supper for the cross country team, which was held at the home of Austin's cousin, who is also on the team. Pasta suppers are hosted by different families on the night before each meet, and it's a whirlwhind of activity. The kids come in, eat, say thank you, and head home to do homework. Here's the shoes of most of the kids that came to the supper. A few more kids arrived after I took this picture.

Thursday - 10/15

Last meet of the season...Austin and a couple of friends decided to rest up before their race.

Friday - 10/16

We had a home football game tonight, and Austin marched in the band. This will be the last time he'll do this for this school year. There is one more home game next Friday, but Austin will be away on a trip to the FFA National Convention.

Saturday - 10/17

Harvest season is behind schedule this year due to the rainy, yucky weather we've been having lately, so today the guys started early and are going as late as possible. To give Jay & his Dad breaks, Austin helped out as needed today. He drives the Auger tractor, as you can see in these pictures.

Well, there you have it...that was our sure to visit Sara's through the Project 365 link in the sidebar to see lots more great photos.


sara said...

omw, the shoes brought back memories of living in IN. when we would have the youth over, the entry way would be covered in shoes.

They don't do that in the south.....I miss that!

yea! for Austin....what a trouper in cross country.

great week. oh, love your hair!!

Kim said...

Congrats to Austin for placing 9th in the conference! Very nice personalized jackets.

Love your hair; very pretty color.

The hallway full of shoes reminds me of the parsonage on youth group nights :-)

Hope the men got a lot done in the fields!

Have a great week :-)

rita said...

Hair color, personalized jackets, cross country standing, pasta hospitality, farm work...I loved seeing all of these!
You are such an inspiration, Dena!
And today I fell in love with your state.