Saturday, November 07, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 45

This was a great week! Lots of sunshine, mild temps, and no rain all week long. Such a blessing! The guys were able to be in the fields harvesting every day, which is great because the farmers are about 3 weeks behind schedule.

Sunday - 11/1

Ashley & Chelsea came home today and they introduced me to the wonder of "Skype". This picture shows them talking to Anna, our host student from Spain. It was so awesome to "see" her and talk with her again! The 3 of them talked and laughed for close to an hour.

Monday - 11/2

I was out in the sunroom out back and heard this noise against the back door. I lifted the flap on the doggie door and there was Sparkle, one of our miniature horses. She kept sticking her head through the opening, as if she was trying to come inside. ha! As you can see in the picture, Ziggy, our other mini got curious as to what Sparkle was looking at.

Tuesday - 11/3

We have lived on this acreage for over 20 years, and as of today, for the first time EVER in my life, I have a garage door opener! When we added on the sunroom over a year ago, it attached the garage to the house. We have talked about putting garage door openers in, but that's as far as it has gotten. I was so surprised when the installers arrived today! Yeah! No more shoveling snow out of the garage!!

After entertaining myself for quite a while with opening and closing my new garage door opener, I came inside to watch my favorite show....The Biggest Loser.

Wednesday - 11/4

This is probably my favorite picture of the week. Not because it's a special picture or anything, but it shows Jay standing by the corn being emptied from the grain truck into the storage bins. In order for that to happen, it has to be harvested....which they hadn't been able to do.

Thursday - 11/5

How incredible is this sunset?!?! This is the main reason I LOVE having our sliding doors face to the west.

Friday - 11/6

What a sad, tragic day. Most of the day I watched the coverage of the horrifying shootings at Fort Hood. My heart, thoughts, and prayers goes out to all the families and the victims.

Saturday - 11/7

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! It was 70 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. Ashley's University had a home game, and the dancers not only danced on the sidelines, but they did a couple of routines at half-time. They only have one more home game, but it sounds like there is chance of nasty weather for that one, so I drove to watch her and her team today. A mom of one of the senior dancers is currently battling breast cancer, so they surprised her by wearing the pink ribbon shirts in her honor. It was pretty emotional when she saw them. :)

Well, that was our week. I tried to enjoy the beautiful weather we had this week as much as possible, because it'll probably be a few months before we see weather like this again. Click on the Project 365 logo in the sidebar to go to Sara's and see other photos.


sara said...

loved the pictures of the horses....I think they want to come in for a visit!!!

I think when the snow hits you are going to wonder why it took you so long to get an opener! ha!

our weather was great too, I know the farmers in our area are so happy!

that sunset is amazing!

fransmomma said...

beautiful sunset!
the picture of the horses is hilarious!!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE the pink ribbon shirts - I lost my bff to breast cancer, so I have a soft spot for pink ribbons!

And, Skype ... it is a dream come true!

Kelly said...

Those horses are adorable. Another week of great pictures!

Kim said...

Those horses are so cute and funny. And what a sunset! Absolutely gorgeous. Glad the men are getting the harvest in. What a sweet thing for the girls to do; I'm sure it was a huge encouragement for that mom battling cancer. Wonderful photos from your week!

Darla said...

great pictures of your daughter dancing, she will be glad to have those one day. i also love the one of them on the couch smiling together skypeing, looks like a great moment to capture. :D

Edie said...

I LOVE the horses trying to get in through the doggie door! So cute!

Yay for garage door openers!!

Your daughters are beautiful! How thoughtful to wear the breast cancer shirts.

Edie said...

Oh! That sunset is Awesome!!! God is amazing!

rita said...

So glad for your good week--sunshine and sunsets;
horses and harvests;
Skyping Spain;
dancer's pink riboons;
world's biggest losers
and garage door openers...
these are a few of my favorite things!
[sing to melody from Sound of Music]
I felt closer to you driving through your country :)

To answer your question: Yes, it was Cabela's.