Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 46

Wow...week 46! Only 6 weeks left in the year! It's amazing to me that Project 365 is almost over, but it's even more amazing to me that I have stayed with it the entire year. I remember last March thinking I might drop out, but I knew I'd regret it and that is so true. I love looking back at the pictures.

Sara has asked how we feel about doing it again, and while I have enjoyed it, I don't know that I'll do it again. Maybe if it were say "Project 52" or something where we pick out the top thing in our week we want to share. Some days it's hard to come up with something different to get a picture of, and that would take the pressure off. :)

On to this weeks pictures!

Sunday - 11/8

Austin had been out in the sunroom (aka: the man cave) watching football, when all of a sudden there he was, in the kitchen. He decided he wanted some kind of dessert and since he knew I was having a rough pain day, he decided that he'd make Oreo dessert. If you haven't tried this before, you really should ---so easy and so good. I always keep a box or two on hand in case I need something quick, and this is Austin's favorite.

Monday - 11/9

Are You Ready For Some Footbaaaaall???? My broncos played on Monday night football, so watching them was on the agenda for the evening. Unfortunately they didn't play very well at all, and they lost. That wouldn't have been a huge deal, but they lost to my brothers team the Steelers (I always called them the "squealers" when we were growing up...ha). So, I had to endure some ribbing from him after his team beat mine.

Tuesday - 11/10

This evening I drove to the hospital to have a sleep study done that my doctor had set up for me. I have terrible, terrible insomnia and they are wanting to see if they can figure out why. The tech noticed during the night that I woke up frequently, was very restless, and maybe got 3 hours total (but not uninterrupted) of sleep, but that's all I know until I meet with the doctor for my full results. This picture shows my overnight bag, my pillow (I was told to bring my own) and the book I bought to take along. I'm only about 1/2 way through the book, but I do recommend it! It was written by Patrick Swayze and his wife before he died from Pancreatic cancer.

Wednesday - 11/11

Before I left the hospital this morning I was given a certificate for a free breakfast in the cafeteria. It was an amazing buffet type set up and oh my goodness did it look and smell wonderful! They boxed up my food and I ate it after I got home...well, not all of it. When you tell them what you'd like, it doesn't do you any good to say "just a little please"...ha! It's hard to tell, but the container is really big - definitely enough for at least 2 people!

Thursday - 11/12

I had to run a couple of quick errands this morning and on my way home I stopped at Subway to get a sandwich. It was so nice out that I stopped at a nearby park with a small lake. Here it is, almost mid-November and people were walking, running and riding bikes along the paths. Golfers were playing at the course next to the lake, and as you can see in this picture, there were small boats out fishing. We are sure making up for the yucky weather we had in October!

Friday - 11-13

I actually took this picture last night.....Our high school is putting on the musical "State Fair" and it runs Thursday through Saturday nights. I went all 3 nights, and instead of putting up a picture for each day, I decided to put it up for today. This is Austin playing the part of a carnival barker, trying to scam people with his game. He did such a great job and really added personality to his character. We are so proud of him! Here's more pictures if you'd like to see them: State Fair

Saturday - 11/14
I called Jay and said "Honey, I have a win-win idea to share with you". He snickered and I quickly ignored that. I continued on with "I know how hard you've been working lately. You're behind on field work, you have been having to sell pigs, you have coaching for the upcoming basketball season on your mind, and well, there's just so much for you to have to think about. Why I bet with all that's on your mind you haven't even had a chance to think about my birthday which as I'm sure you now remember is in about 2 weeks. You see, there is this purse I've been eyeing for about 3 weeks now, and well if I were to buy it today, it could be my early birthday present from you. Then shopping for my present is one less thing that'd be on your mind. Isn't that sweet of me to think of you and to come up with an idea to help eliminate some stress?"

Long story short.....Happy early birthday to me. :)

There you have it....our week 46. Click on the link in the sidebar to go to Sara's for more Project 365 pictures!


sara said...

oh we are so much alike!! I do that to my husband AND my mom every year!!! Great purse!

I hope you get the results of the sleep study soon and am praying they can find a way to help. I am currently waiting on the results of my saliva study...we'll wait together!

Have a great day!

Darla said...

great week! i love your birthday present!!!

Kelly said...

I'm gonna miss your Sunday pictures for sure.

LuAnn said...

Love the purse - My birthday is in about a month. Great idea to help your husband out.

rita said...

What a super wife you are ;)
No wonder all that pain, you don't sleep! Hoping for helpful insights into your situation.
Beautiful peaceful lake scene.
How about the recipe for the easy oreo dessert.
We'll be watching the Colts tonight!

Kim said...

hahaha I think most women have to resort to that tactic with their husbands. I can tell mine periodically "I really want such-and-such" and I can make lists and give them to him, but he STILL says he doesn't know what to get me when it comes time for my birthday or Christmas. aaarrrgh!

How fun that Austin was in the musical! He looks like he's having a blast :-) My kids loved community theatre and were in numerous plays and musicals. You couldn't pay me enough to get up there! lol The mere thought of being on stage, even in a crowd scene with no words to say, fills me with GREAT FEAR. :-)

Will be praying for wisdom for the doctor as he looks over your sleep test results.

Have a great week!