Saturday, November 28, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 48

WOW! Week 48 - not much left in this year. I can't believe how fast it's going!

Sunday - 11/22
I bought a couple of 2010 calendars. An organizational type one for on the kitchen fridge, and then I bought this "Maxine" one for in my office. She makes me laugh.

Monday - 11/23

We had some sort of "doggie flu" go through our house. Ringo had it over the weekend, and then Gabby & Tucker got it. Here they are cuddling up and sleeping together. It was sweet, but I felt so bad for them. :(

Tuesday - 11/24

Rain, rain, and more rain. I took this through one of our front room windows as the rain ran down the pane. Depressing photo isn't it? LOL

Wednesday - 11/25

Ashley came home from college and of course, her laundry came along with her. :)

Thursday - 11/26

Our 5 yr old niece, Kristina learned how to "finger knit" and she made a chain for each of us and brought them to the family Thanksgiving at my parents house. It was so sweet to know she had the desire to do that for all of us...and there are quite a few of us that she had to make for! I tied the ends together and hung it in the Vue so I can see it and be reminded of her sweetness often.

Friday - 11/27

Austin & Jay went pheasant hunting with some friends and their sons. They all met at our farm and headed out from there. This picture shows them as they are leaving. They didn't have much luck (only 1 bird between all 10 0f them), but I figure it's like shopping - you search to get something good, and even when you don't, the camaraderie makes it fun.

While the guys were gone hunting, and my girls went "Black Friday" shopping, I stayed home and baked some muffins. I made a batch of each of my kids' favorites: Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin, and Apple Cinnamon...and I also made a variety of muffins that the whole family enjoys: Blueberry. Both girls were so excited to know I wrapped some up for them to take back with them.

Saturday - 11/28

Oh my goodness, this picture doesn't do justice to how funny today was. Out the back door is the fenced in yard that the dogs run around in. They use the doggie door to go in and out as they please. Our mini horses are also out there, as it leads to their little barn. Today, Tucker and Ziggy (one of the minis) were actually playing with each other. In this picture you see Tucker looking at Ziggy. You can see the shadow of Ziggy's face on the other side of the protective flap. Tucker would bark, and Ziggy would snort back at him. Tucker would lunge toward the door and Ziggy would paw at the flap. They went back and forth like this for a good 30 minutes or more. We were cracking up watching these two play together. It was a riot!

I hope you enjoyed the photos this week! Head on over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar to see more photos.


fransmomma said...

i love the story with the last picture. i wish i could see that!! great pics this week-hope your thanksgiving was fabulous!

Kim said...

Oh, I did enjoy your photos! Always do. Love seeing your slice of farm life :-) Those muffins are making me hungry though -- might have to go make some of my own.

The last photo is too funny, especially knowing the story that goes with it. Fun times "down on the farm"!

sara said...

my girl came home with all her laundry least what she could carry on the plane! :)

hunting has always perplexed me, but I love the analogy you used...very true!

very fun about your horse and dog! you should have gotten on video!!!

great week!

Darla said...

muffins? you are such a great mom! i bet your kiddos were happy campers that day! great week!

rita said...

You're going to make a GREAT grandma when the time comes. Oh, the muffins you will bake.
Great animal story. When our granddogs come home to Meemaw, they play together, even with the cat, and have a lot of fun running around in the woods.
Send the rain to Argentina. They will jump for joy! i liked that photo.
Hunters bonding and the stories they tell are worth more than the catch ;)
What is 'finger knitting'?
Thanks, Dena.

Esthermay said...

Maxine makes me laugh too, but my husband says she doesn't "match the way you decorate around here!" (Imagine that! From a man!!)

"Doggie Flu?" hehehe!

funny! I've never had the 'return-home with laundry' phenomena with our older kids -- either they're wearing dirty clothes or they took me seriously when I told them I wasn't their laundromat! (I actually think I'd be kinda' neat to have it happen...) :-(

The hunters had no luck 'cause it looks like they're missing a DOG!