Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Less Is More

This morning Austin showered before school. I was sitting in the living room as he came walking through and WhoaaaNelly, the boy had obviously swaddled himself in cologne.

I fought back the urge to cough as my lungs were overcome by the fumes (oh, I really wasn't that bad).

As I sat there, I remembered back to a time when we used to have to argue with a younger version of this boy that monthly showers might be the norm in remote villages, but it was not ok here. For that reason I was obviously happy that not only had we passed through that phase, but we had finally arrived at a point where he was concerned with how he smelled. A much nicer place for us all to enjoy. Although, I did have to remind him that when it comes to cologne...less is more.

Before he left for school, I complimented him on the cologne:
"You sure smell nice this morning."
"I really like your cologne. What kind is it?"
"I dunno. Whatever kind K got me for Christmas."
"But what's it called?"
"I dunno. I never looked."

***For those of you who personally know Jay, you are probably giggling like I was at this point, because this is the exact same thing Jay would say...and has said. Somethings are genetic it seems. LOL

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mom and dad said...

thats funny =were they meeting someplace special?? other than school?? hum!!!!