Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Photos

We've been having quite a winter this year with a lot of snow, fog, heavy heavy frosts, and now today an ice storm is moving through. I am actually doing much better this winter than in past years. I routinely always get really blue by this time. The Holidays are over, the cold has been relentless, cabin fever has set in and winter just seems to drag on. Well this year it's not been bothering me. I have greatly increased the amount of Vitamin D I'm taking, and I'm not sure if it's that, or if it's due to the fact that right now I can't do much, so I don't feel "stuck". Either way, it's nice to not feel that "blue-ness" coming over me, ya know?

Ok, some photos.....

We've had so much snow that all the ditches along side the roads are full. Therefore, it's very hard (when the roads are snow covered as well) to see where the road ends and the ditch starts. Lots of people have gone into the ditch because of it. This picture was taken on our gravel road, and as you can see, it's a tough drive, especially with all the fog we've had the past way too many days. It makes for interesting driving let me tell you.

This is the best view of the sun I have seen in several days. And blue skies...I don't even remember what they look like. Yuck!

I do have to admit that the heavy frost we've been getting due to the relentless fog has created some incredible beauty. These pictures (taken with my cell phone) don't even do it justice.

This is one of our trees

This is our mailbox. I wonder if I could get away with not paying our bills because I didn't want to disturb the beauty of the mailbox by taking the statements out. Think that'd work? LOL

Here's our basketball hoop. That is all frost on the net, not snow. Craziness!

At least we've got plenty to keep us occupied. That's Coach Jay sitting courtside with part of his team during a recent game. He's the head coach for the Freshman boys team, and one of the assitants for the varsity team.

Austin has been playing (that's him in the red in front #31) in games on the same nights Jay coaches. His games are right after Jay's, which is nice. All these games help break up the Winter monotony.


mom and dad said...

enjoy your sharing and site. thank you.

Kelly said...

Those pictures are amazing! Never seen frost anything like that before here in Georgia.

Abiding Branch said...

wow!!! Those pictures are amazing! I really liked the one of the tree!! makes me so cold just looking at them and now I HAVE to have hot chocolate! want some?

Dena said...

Chel, I'd love some! Especially at your place, where I know it's warmer. ha!