Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Celebration

This past Friday evening we went to our favorite BBQ place to celebrate Ashley & Chelsea's 20th birthdays. We also celebrated our niece Jenna's 14th birthday at the same time, as her birthday was just a few days earlier. Here's a few pictures from the evening.

The girls were very surprised to find that a bouquet of flowers had been delivered for them from Anna, the host student we had from Spain. We took this picture to share with her.

I had teased the girls that with the economy I was going to have to do their birthday shopping at Kum & Go, so to continue with the tease, I did do some shopping there. I got them each a beef jerky stick, K & G koolee, Iowa magnet, Advil, First aid set, super cheesy cheap necklace and a tire pressure gauge. I put the items in little bags and used tissue instead of tissue paper. We all had a good laugh, and this picture shows Chelsea holding up all the items.

Here is a shot of Jenna, Chelsea & Ashley with the cake we had for them.

We did a cousin shot before leaving. L to R is Ashley, nephew Jacob, niece Jenna, Austin & Chelsea. Jenna & Jacob's dad is Jay's brother.

I will be uploading more of them on Facebook, so if we're friends you can see more there.


sara said...

Happy Birthday to your girls!! Looks like a great time.

My girl will be 21 in two!

Anonymous said...

I LOOOVVEE TWINS!! Your family is SO BEAUTIFUL...especially them girls.. xoxoxoox