Friday, March 19, 2010

Peace & Quiet - Yea Right!

If you have read this blog any time over the past year and a half, you know that I have had many challenges regarding my health. We have been from doctor to doctor. I have been on pretty much every website you can imagine. We have looked into every recommendation given by family & friends. It has been a time of laughter, tears, frustration, denial, anger, and just about every emotion you can think of. But mostly it's been very overwhelming.

I'm one that needs to time to process everything that is a major life event, and I've not had that. Oh sure, I have spent many days over the past year sitting alone all day in my house, whether that be in the recliner or my bed, but have the phone ringing, dogs barking, and people stopping by. Plus, you see things that need to be done - laundry, dishes, bills, etc. Life is rarely without interruptions, and it doesn't care what else you have going on.

For that reason, several weeks ago I decided to plan a weekend away, all by myself. As it turned out, this weekend, Jay & Austin are gone on a golfing trip to the Branson area, so this was the perfect weekend for me to be gone as well. One of my girls had no plans, so I hired her to be my house/dog sitter for a couple of days.

I only went an hour away, which my girls thought was ridiculous. But it wasn't the distance I needed. Those of you who are moms and wives will understand. I needed away from the distractions.

I had let everyone know what I was doing, but only Jay knew where I was staying. That way some sweet, well-intentioned friends who I love wouldn't stop by thinking I may be in need of some company.

I packed the essentials - clothes, toiletries (on a side note, my girls think "toiletries" is the silliest word in the english language lol), my medicines, and some GF snacky foods. Oh and of course, I brought along Diet Coke with Splenda (which I am still trying to get used to).

Then I also packed my laptop, a book, and some the way, last night I watched "Precious", and I see why it won awards. Very hard to watch at times, but amazing as well.

I was excited to sleep in this morning, but my bladder had other ideas. That meant I was up by 6:36 according to the alarm clock. I went down to the complimentary breakfast after my shower and while waiting for my personally made omelet to be finished, I had a nice chat with "Cory" the nice young man making my omelet.

I learned about how he got fired from his previous job due to the economy (Seriously? Or was there some other reason? Must keep an eye on my omelet!).
I learned about his engagement and how he is living with his parents until the wedding.
I learned he is double jointed in his elbows, which helps him with his cooking (? I didn't ask).
I learned he is allergic to strawberries after asking him to leave the mushrooms out of my omelet due to my allergies.
I learned he has other allergies too, including dogs and cats...and cows.
And most importantly I learned that you can learn a lot about someone in the short time it takes to make an omelet. Thankfully, soon someone else was waiting for an omelet and they became Cory's new BFF.

So I did a little shopping and did a little web surfing today, and was back to the hotel after lunch and settled in to start processing. However, over the next few hours I answered about 50 phone calls from my daughters, that included such classic, super important questions as:

Mom, a package came for you in the mail today. What should I do with it?
Mom, do you know any great places to eat in Chicago?
Mom, the dogs are barking. What do they want?
Mom, what's the weather supposed to be like here tomorrow?
Mom, do we have the stuff here to make cheesy potatoes?
Mom, guess what? This train is really bumpy. Did you know trains were so bumpy?
Mom, can I have the fruit in the top of the fridge? 'Cause it looks really good.
Mom, remember that tv show with the guy who lived with the two girls and he pretended to be gay so he could live there? (Three's company) It was on like, before I was born I think. Remember that? We were wondering, was he really gay, or just pretending?

They have now been informed that I will no longer be answering my phone, even for them. If there is an emergency, they are to text me with the words "Emergency - call immediately" in the text. That, I will respond to. However, there had better be an actual emergency, or one will arise quickly.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.....

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