Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Random Dozen

Head on over to Linda's at 2nd cup to join in the fun!

1. Do you prefer even or odd numbers? Any particular reason?

Even...when counting by twos, it's easier to count with evens.

2. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "not at all" and 10 being Carly Simon-worthy, how vain are you?

4 - I want to look nice, and I try my best to look nice, but that's more for my husband and family. If others don't like how I look, it bothers me some, but nothing I can do about that.

3. Among these Irish stereotypes, with which do you identify most closely? Talkative, Proud, Inquisitive, Love to party, Hot-tempered

Talkative. I am actually shy and introverted until I feel comfortable - then just try and shut me up. LOL

4. How lucky do you consider yourself?

Not at all. You know the soda screw on lids that have "You have won a free soda" under them...I am probably the only person in the entire country to have NEVER gotten one of those lids. Seriously. My son gets them every other day when the contest is going on. Me - not even once.

5. What is the subject of your favorite post that you've written?

My family. They are what most of my posts are about.

6. Describe March weather where you live in three words.

Snow and mud.

7. How apt are you at detecting blarney when you hear it? (Smooth talk, flattery)

Pretty good I think. I can usually tell if it's a line, or sincere.

8. How "green" are you, environmentally speaking?

Not so much. Bad, I know.

9. What is your favorite song this week?

Because He Lives

10. You are walking along and see a coin on the ground. What denomination does it have to be before you will stop to pick it up?

Quarter. When you're stiff and sore, it has to be worth it to bend that far down. :)

11. Complete the sentence: "Every time I look outside my window ...."

Stupid, yucky, snow drifts that are still over 8' tall. I can't see out of the bottom of most of our windows and I am soooooo tired of it! Hurry up Spring!

12. What was the #1 song on the day you were born?

Dominique - The Singing Nun (Never heard of the song or the group)


Fran said...

Dominique - The Singing Nun (Never heard of the song or the group)-----
She was an actual singing nun ... here's a YouTube with the original song (the video is some girl mimicking the singing)
Listening to that took me waaaaay back.

Dena said...

You never ever cease to amaze me! :-D