Sunday, May 09, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 19

The weather is trying to get better and our days are getting busier. After a long winter stuck inside, I'm loving the chances to get out when I'm able to, even if just for a short time.

Sunday - 5/2

Nephew Jacob & Niece Jenna both got confirmed today. I'm sorry these first two pictures are so grainy. I had to sit in one of the soft chairs waaaay in the back and my phone can only zoom so far, so there was a whole lot of cropping going on. lol

Each Confirmand is required to write their statement of faith and they are read on Confirmation Sunday. Here is Jacob reading his.

And here is Jenna reading hers. Both did such a great job!

After church there was a reception at the lake in their honor.

Monday 5/3

This is the lounge at Saturn where I sat and watched the Today show for a couple of hours while some sensors were replaced in the Vue.

Tuesday - 5/4

Spa day for the 3 fluffballs. They don't get the true bichon cut, because that's just not practical on a farm. But they still look cute and they always smell so good. :)

Wednesday - 5/5

Today was the conference golf meet. There are twelve teams in the conference. Six are considered large schools, six are small schools. We are on the small school side and we were the conference champions for the 3rd year in a row! They also came in 3rd over all 12 teams, and only missed 2nd place by 1 stroke. Austin was 5th place all conference and earned a medal. I was so proud of him!

Thursday 5/6

Jay hit the fence with the planter yesterday (oops!) and today the 40 mph winds blew all kinds of stuff in, so he spent the afternoon fixing the fence and then we cleaned up the yard. There was a deflated childs rubber ball that blew in. I wonder how far it traveled to get to us? LOL

The mini horses waited patiently while we worked. They were anxious to get back out again.

We opened the gate between their yard and our back yard so they could help keep the grass trimmed down. This was the first time of the season and when Tucker ran out he stopped dead in his tracks as if to say "Darn, I thought you guys were gone!" LOL

Friday 5/7

Jay and I went out for Supper this evening and I'm not even kidding when I say it was COLD! I think the high for the day was 40, and according to my phone, the wind chill was 28!. Craziness! When we were leaving the restaurant, there was finally a break in the clouds and we saw the brightest, most beautiful rainbow.

If you look closely to the left of the rainbow, you can see a faint start to a double rainbow. I told Jay that was God's way of saying the weather will doubly improve: The wind will stop blowing at gale forces, and the temps will improve. LOL

Saturday - 5/8

This morning we went to watch our school compete in the large group vocal and band contests. This is our schools mixed choir. Austin is standing right behind the choir director, so we never even got to see him while performing. :-/

Then the bass choir performed. This time Austin was right behind the piano, so still no seeing him (except for the top half of his head). Sure wish they had used a shorter piano!

Then we moved down to the gym where the bands competed. This time Austin sat behind one of the tallest girls in the school (she's about 6' and Austin's 5'8"). It was not meant for us to see him today. LOL

Well, that was our week. How was yours? Head on over to Sara's to check out more pictures! The link is in the sidebar.


Kim said...

Had to giggle at how you could never see Austin in any of the band performances. Some days are just like that! :-)

Lots of great photos -- you had a busy week!

Shannon said...

So in bible study, I learned this week that in Revelation, John sees a rainbow around the throne of God. I've been thinking a lot about that rainbow and how it symbolizes his promise to us. And here you have a beautiful photo of a rainbow on your blog! Looks like it was a great week.

sara said...

your dogs are so cute!! and that is hilarious with the horses...just like kids! ha!

beautiful rainbows! sorry you are having such cold weather! but please don't send it down here!!! I am loving the sun!

my boys are vertically challenged we can never see them in band concerts!

skoots1mom said...

what a wonderful all the activities photos. i can't believe another school year is almost behind us. i'll miss not having any school activities to attend.
fun week!

Tori said...

Gorgeous rainbows! The dogs look great. Reese needs a cut but they said I have to get sedatives before I bring him back....he won't stay still.
Austin sure had a busy week with tournaments and concerts! At least you could hear the fruits of his labor.
Have a super week!

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow that was some really strong wind! The doggies look so cute! And congrats to Austin...awesome job! Happy Mother's Day!

Lori said...

Sounds like your week was full. I have a cockapoo that needs a haircut - If I don't get him in soon they will charge me for de-matting. I like when his hair is longer 'cause he is so cute! It was cold this week - I live in Indiana. I wanted to plant some flowers before Mother's day but didn't want them to freeze. Have a fantastic week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Second beautiful rainbow picture I have seen in P365 this week! Just awesome@

Love those cute fur balls and those sweet little horses!

Great week!

Blessings for next week!

Rita said...

Beautiful rainbow pics! Always great to be reminded of God's promises to us!
And the dog with the mini-horses, too cute!

The Bug said...

So how can you tell those puppies apart? They're too cute. And so are the horses! I love them!

The rainbow is GORGEOUS - what a nice affirmation of life.

I'm pretty sure your son skipped out on all the concerts & just TOLD you he was there. Heh.

rita said...

Both of us feature rainbows, but yours is stunning! I loved the comment about the rainbow around the throne of God! Wow!
Great tradition to have the confirmed write and read a statement of faith.
The pups are soooo cute.
I enjoy glimpses into farm life.
Have a GOOD week.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I always love your farm stories. The horses are so darn cute. The silly white fluffballs, too!

I used to have the same problem in band and choir. I'm 5'4" and was often smack dab in the middle right in front of the director.

Talkin' Texan said...

I love your photo of your bichons. We used to have one and we loved him so much. The typical bichon cut is not practical any place but in the show ring! :) Our little boy didn't know he was supposed to be a foo foo dog. lol