Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready For The Weekend!

Whew...what a week!

First, Austin had the stomach flu from h-e-double hockey sticks. The poor kid was so crazy sick that just today he finally went back to school, even though he still felt tired and still had a headache. Somehow, amazingly, neither Jay or I got it. I think it was due to all the prayers we said...and the fact that if Austin even looked at something, it was sprayed with Lysol. LOL

Then our internet adapter broke. Yes, I do have internet on my phone, but I'm still struggling with the whole touch screen thing and typing on it is much slower than typing on my laptop. The good news is that I read more this week than I have in the past month, and I got some really good menu ideas for the summer.

We received our new wireless adapter today, but it wouldn't allow the installation process to go through. With the way the rest of this week has gone, I wasn't surprised. lol I called Customer Service and may I say that "Rebecca" was so patient and helpful. Within about 20 minutes I had internet again and I was smiling!

Then I got a pretty bad fibro-flare on Wednesday. I was really bummed by it because I had actually felt really good for a few days. I was able to take care of Austin, keep the house up, and run errands...and I still had energy to cook supper, and do the laundry. It felt great. Then dumb ol' reality had to come back and smack me upside the head. By today it's getting better again slowly, so I'm going to attempt camping with the guys this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Still no new well. We're on week 72 with no water. Ok that's a slight exaggeration yes. It's only been a little over a couple of weeks, and technically we do have water (in a giant barrel), but well, it's just not the same and I'm taking a moment to whine about it. :-p

Well there you have it...our crazy week. It's one of those weeks that I am so glad to have behind us. Bring on the weekend!

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