Sunday, June 06, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 23

Last week of school and I think I was almost more excited than Austin. It takes until 10am or so to really start getting my muscles to loosen up. No more having to get up at 6am to make sure Austin was up, and that is so nice.

Sunday - 5/30

Last night Ringo had a spell that the Vet feels was "separation anxiety". He's getting close to being 12 and the Vet said that dogs can be like elderly people in that they get very upset if their "caretaker" is absent for too long. It upsets their routine and they have something like a panic attack. We have the doggie door on our deck so the dogs can go in and out as they please, and we've always just left them home when we camp at the lake. We were camping this weekend, and this is the first time it's bothered Ringo. I stayed home with him last night, and even this morning he was still bad and acting really out of it, so I took him in to get checked out.

In the picture above you can see him laying facing away from us. He did that almost non-stop from the time I got home yesterday. The vet said it's his way of dealing with the stress. It's like how if we were to meditate. So, Ringo went to his happy place. :)

The vet put him on an anxiety pill and a pain pill because she said it's possible he has muscles all tight and sore from the stress. Looks like Ringo needs to join me in doing some yoga. ha!

Monday - 5/31

Today we packed up the camper and campsite and brought it home. Unpacking the camper is my least favorite part of camping.

Tuesday - 6/1

Today I took off our comforter and put on this lightweight bedspread. The comforter is heavy and better for cold weather, so it was too hot now when sleeping. As you can see, Tucker approves of the change.

Wednesday - 6/2

I spent the morning uploading and editing 100+ pictures that were taken over the holiday weekend.

Thursday - 6/3

We moved Ashley from the campus dorms to the campus apartments. Poor Jay had the heavy duty job.

While it's nowhere near finished, we did get her new bedroom set up so at least she could sleep in there. She'll finish the rest of it this weekend when she's not working.

I had fun with little items I found while packing...including the school mascot helmet. lol

Friday - 6/4

Ringo was feeling better, so today he took the short walk with me down our gravel road. Actually, he'd run on ahead and then have to sit and wait for me to catch up. lol

Saturday - 6/5

Today I went out to eat with Ashley & a friend of hers. This is a shot of Ashley and her lunch. Mind you, that lunch of steak, potato and applesauce cost around $15.00. Look closely at cracked us up that the applesauce she ordered just came in the container you buy at the store. With what they charged, they didn't even try to make it look like they made it...didn't even plop it in a dish. We were like 'ok then'. LOL

Well, that was our week. We are now enjoying Summer vacation from school, and Austin's golf tournaments will be in full gear starting next week. Summer Fun!


Lisa said...

Wow...busy! Sounds like everyone is happy to be getting into summer mode...just a slower pace.

I completely agree that it stinks to unload a camper. NOT the fun part...hope you had a good time though.

Pretty blue color on your bed!

Tori said...

Poor Ringo! I am glad that he was feeling better and "speaking" to you again by the end of the week!!
LOVE camping! Glad you had a good time.
I think you pull the viking look off pretty well! :)
That applesauce is hilarious, the price not so much!
Have a super week!!

RaD said...

I like how you decorated your dog kennel with pictures so it's not such an eyesore in your house. I might just need to copy you there :)

I take 100's of pictures whenever we are away from home so I know how long that process must've taken, LOL.

Glad your pup started feeling better. That gravel road reminds me of where my parents live. We'll be going to see them at the end of this month, I can't wait!

The Bug said...

Poor Ringo! Hopefully his meds will help him.

That's crazy about that meal costing so much - especially with the applesauce. That's just not right!

Kim said...

Poor Ringo! I've never heard of a dog having to take anxiety pills. Wow!

The mascot hat photo is hilarious! Go team! lol

Hope the steak was yummy for that price! I miss applesauce; should really buy some apples and make my own since I can't buy it.

Have a great week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Poor dogie, we will be heading out for a vacation is a few weeks and our puppy will be staying with a friend. But he is still in that puppy stage so I think he will be OK!

We used to love to go camping, one of my favorite things to dso. We have not been in a long time, but you are so right. Camping is fun, but unpacking form a camping trip....NOT FUN!


Ladynred said...

Looks like a busy summer and lots of fun. Great photos!

McCrakensx4 said...

Looks like a relaxing week! Yay! Gotta ♥ summer! And I really like your summer bedspread...pretty! glad your dog starting liking you again! lol Have a great week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha! You look great as a Viking!! ;)

That's CRAZY about the applesauce! Seriously!

Poor Ringo. Glad to hear he's doing better...