Saturday, June 12, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 24

Hi everyone! We had quite the hodge-podge of activities this week, as you'll see...

Sunday - 6/6

Niece Jenna had her dance recital today. She is also on the dance company's competitive dance team, so we got to watch her performing in all those dances as well. So much fun! The pictures aren't great because I forgot my camera, and my cellphone didn't like how fast they were moving and that I couldn't use flash.

 Afterwards we took a picture of the cousins that were there watching Jenna.

Monday - 6/7

Today I took Austin to one of his Junior PGA golf tournaments. This one is at an absolutely beautiful course. The building in the back is their clubhouse with dark wood throughout. Gorgeous! Austin did really well. He placed 6th out of 20+ kids in his age division.

Tuesday - 6/8

No picture today. I started into having a bad flare the night before and was in bed all day today. This picture is one Jay took of me in early April with one of the dogs on a day I was down. They can sense when I'm having a painful day and they take turns coming and laying with me as if they are trying to make me feel better. It's so sweet.

Wednesday - 6/9

This morning we looked out to see a skunk waddling into our garage. Jay tossed some cat food out onto the driveway to hopefully lure Mr Skunk outside so we could get rid of him. It didn't work but the farm cats did appreciate the extra feeding. lol

Thursday - 6/10

I bought a new crockpot and was anxious to try it out. I made Creamy Turkey Tenderloins and they were It was a very easy recipe - Lay tenderloins in crockpot. Sprinkle garlic and/or any other seasonings you want over them. Mix together 2 cans cr. of chicken soup and 1 can cheddar cheese soup and pour those over the tenderloins. Cook for 6-8hrs on low. So yummy.

Friday - 6/11

Tonight was the start of our annual town festival. The main street in town is about 3 blocks long and they shut off the main street to traffic. There is great food, live music, and all kinds of fun activities for kids and adults.

Some of the school &/or community clubs have activities that are just ways to give back to the community, or done as a fundraiser. The FFA club had this putting ramp set up and you got prizes for making it in different holes. It was kind of fun for Austin to help with his (he's in the red hat) because not only is he an FFA officer, but he actually made the ramp back when he was in 5th grade and exhibited it at our county fair. He was a golfaholic even back then. ha!

 Austin's girlfriend is on the school dance team and those girls had a "pictures with a princess" activity. All the dancers dressed as different storybook and disney princesses. They had pictures to color, tattoos, and beads to hand out, and they took pictures with anyone who wanted to. Austin got his picture taken with his favorite princess "Glinda the good witch". :)

Saturday - 6/12

Our town festival was to continue today with outdoor activities and a parade. Unfortunately storms came through, which mean all that was canceled.  So instead, Austin went up to the school shop to work on the antique tractor he has been restoring. It will be exhibited this summer at both the county and state fairs for judging. A good friend of ours has restored many tractors, so he has been coming up to help teach Austin what to do and why. He's doing such a great job on it, and I can't wait to see it all done.

There you have it....our week of excitment. :)  Be sure to visit Sara through the link in the sidebar to check out other Project 365 pictures!


Tori said...

What a busy and eclectic week!!
Sorry you were having a rough day. Isn't it amazing how your animals just know and want to comfort you?
The recipe sounds good, I'll have to try it.
Austin is just a jack of all trades, isn't he?
Have a super week!!

Shannon said...

Sorry you had a bad day in bed. The puppy is adorable, though. How sweet that he comforts you.

sara said...

I like the dance pictures....very cool!!

such a sweet picture with your dog.

ick on the skunk.....did you ever get it out?

yea for new crockpots! what brand is that? I have never seen one that looks like that.

great week!

Dena said...

Austin does have a wide variety of things he enjoys...although golf definitely tops that list.

Skunk was never seen again, so we're hoping he didn't like our brand of cat food and decided to look elsewhere. lol

Our new crockpot is the actual Crockpot brand and it's a 6qt.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Great week in spite of not feeling well!

Blessings and prayers for a better week ahead!

Joyce said...

I love small town festivals like yours. We don't have them anymore as all the small town have grown so much and have become so touristy (if that is a word). I miss it! Hope you're feeling good today! xoxo Joyce

He & Me + 3 said...

Loved the glinda the good witch picture. She really looks like her.Cute.
Nice shiney crock pot too. Love cooking in my crock pot.
I hope that the skunk got out of your garage. Yikes.

skoots1mom said...

GREAT pics this week...
aren't the clubhouses incredible at all the different courses?...I love checking them out when I get to visit one.
GREAT shot of Princess Glenda...i know the little ones SOOOO loved that!
I made pork roast in my new crockpot last week...they are truly one of the BEST inventions of all time

Elizabeth said...

What a cook looking crockpot!

The Bug said...

Boy I could eat some of those turkey tenderloins right now - I'm hungry LOL!

Sorry you had a bad day. I just helped Dr. M mow & I think I'll probably suffer tomorrow (arthritis). But I need to be more active & this will help with that goal.

Love that you guys are involved in the festival (or at least the kids are) - that makes it more fun!

McCrakensx4 said...

Bummer about the rain that came through. I wished we lived in a smaller community that did events like sounds like so much fun! And I hope that you are feeling better...not fun being sick! And Austin's girlfriend really did look like cute!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Sorry about your down day. It sounds like you got a little better as the week progressed, though. I hope that's the case.

That's a nice, SLEEK crockpot right there!! Up. TOWN! I'd love one like that!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Sorry about your down day. It sounds like you got a little better as the week progressed, though. I hope that's the case.

That's a nice, SLEEK crockpot right there!! Up. TOWN! I'd love one like that!