Monday, August 09, 2010

The 'Dreaded' Phone Call

Ever get one of those calls late at night that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up just hearing it ring? We had a call like that last night. 

Ashley called us around 1:00am, and was upset. It had been storming, and when she got off work at midnite she drove slowly back to her campus (visibility was very poor). When she got closer, she found the street was closed due to flash floods. Since she knows her way around the city pretty well now, she tried different directions and different streets, but both routes leading into her campus apartment were closed due to street flooding. I had the phone on speaker mode so Jay could participate in the conversation as well.

She sounded near tears and she knew this would last a while as it was still coming down in sheets of rain. "Mom, I can barely see to drive it's so bad and I don't know what to do". Jay in a moment of wanting to comfort his daughter said "I'll come down and help you." "Dad, there's flooding everywhere, and you don't even know your way around and I don't need you getting lost. Plus, as hard as it's raining, it's nearly impossible to see unless you know where you're going. So, no, don't come down".

Jay told her to check into a hotel for the night. She immediately said "I can't afford that. I still have my books to buy for this next semester". Then she added "Hey, there is a convenience store over there. I'll just go there and sleep in my car."

I yelled in to the phone "Uh, helloooooooooooo. NOT a good idea there girlie! Murderers and pervs hang out at places like that overnight. Promise me you will stay away from there!" She laughed at me for being overly paranoid and said I watch too many cop shows, which is probably true, lol, but this is my baby we're talking about!

By this time she started to cry. She was exhausted, upset, and didn't know what to do. Jay again told her to check into a hotel for the night and told her that we would help her out by paying for it. Her comment was "I feel bad asking you to pay that much." Jay had the best comeback "There is never a price we could pay that would be too high for one of you kids, especially when it comes to your safety."

She agreed and called us back about 20 minutes later saying she found a hotel. She said the first place she went to was full from others pushed out/back because of the flooding, and the second hotel had just a few rooms left for the same reason. She was in her room, and all giddy because all they had left were king bed rooms, and yet she said she was so tired that she didn't care if all she had was a cot somewhere.

Well, she may not care, but we do. Thank you God for keeping her safe.


SusanD said...

So glad the girl called for advice and that she is safe. You're so right. No price is to high for keeping our kiddos safe. No matter their age. Blessings, SusanD

Joyce said...

That would be terrifying! My sister got caught in Fargo while visiting family.. she was trying to go south on the interstate. Know how scary those flash floods can be! I am thanking God she is ok too!!! Smart girl telling her daddy to stay put. As a parent that is our first instinct. Praising God all is well... xoox

The Bug said...

How scary & frustrating for all of you! I like how she didn't want Jay to drive down there - Even now I might have said, "yes, daddy, come rescue me!" LOL

Glad she found somewhere to land for the night.

sara said...

so scary and so hard being on the other end of the phone!! I am very happy she is safe!! I had one of those calls a year ago as my daughter was being taken to the emergency room..not fun.

praying you can rest today because I'm sure you didn't get much sleep last night!

Cindy Lou said...

Well I can say that I would have done the same exact thing!! Never can put a price on their safety and just the comfort in know that they are ok!! Thank God for keeping her safe!! Blessings from Georgia!!

Dena said...

Thank you all for giving thanks with me!

I talked to her this morning and her struggles continued. Electricity was out on her campus and all doors are security locked. They have to scan their IDs to get in their apartment building, however, with the scanners not working without electricity she couldn't get it. She finally got let in, and said she was going in to take a much needed nap.

I too am going to attempt to do the same thing, because no, I didn't get much sleep. :)

LuAnn said...

WOW - Dena I just read this - thankful the Lord kept her safe. What a scarey time for all 3 of you.