Monday, November 22, 2010

Major Random Conversation

If I happen to be home, and bored, and Chelsea happens to be at her place, and bored, it's never good because then we end up texting back and forth and the conversations get more random and more silly as the conversation goes on.

This is a copy of a recent conversation we had, and just how weird we really are:

C: (showing me a picture of someone with a scooter on the back of their vehicle) Look, someone else with a scooter thing.
D: You should have pulled them over and gotten their name. I could be scooter buddies with them.
C: haha they have a blue scooter so you could be primary colors pals (gee does that sound like someone who's an early childhood major? lol)
D: Yes, and we can go to scooter conventions all over the world
C: Scooter conventions? about what? backing up 101?
D: Yes. That is very important so that you don't knock over a mannequin (which I've done). Also they could tell you about the latest accessories.
C: Like what?
D: blinking flags so people can see you when you are scooting in the dark.
C: Yes! and how you can get new scooter horns instead of the beep beep one you have.
D: Yes, ones that can be heard and intimidating. Oooooo, an air horn would be awesome!
C: Wow. I would say one that yells out things like bomb! Gun! Fire! But then again, that might be bad. LOL
D: How about if it yells "Get your big behind outta my way!"
C: That could be offensive if they have a little behind.
D: I don't care what size it is, if it's in my way, it's big.
C: nice. Just get a sign.
D: What good is a sign going to do me if they aren't looking at me?
D: If they aren't looking at me, I'm going to have to shout at them to turn around and read my sign. If I'm going to have to do that, I might as well just tell them to get outta my way!
C: Get a flashing arrow.
D: WHAT? lol What am I supposed to do with that?
C: Well, I would say flash 'em, but that's probably illegal haha
D: Flashing a sign at them isn't illegal, but me flashing them is...and not something either of us would want me to do.
C: Yea, good point.
D: Gee, thanks for the love.
C: Wait. What were were talking about in the very beginning?
D: I was hoping you knew.


Fran said...

[giggle] I never have random text conversations. Mine are about important things like gecko's jumping into my pool!

Dena said...

LOL Fran. We have random conversations weekly. Keeps things interesting. ha