Friday, December 03, 2010

Physical Results

I had a complete physical yesterday, and it was one of those rare times when I left the doctors office happy. :)

My lab results were the best surprise of all. I last had blood work done this past Spring, before I went GF and mostly sugar-free as well. I also now eat very little processed food, so I was super curious to see how things were doing, because truthfully my levels were not great the last time.

My doctor said that last time my blood sugar levels were still within the normal range, but they were teetering very close to being too high (meaning borderline diabetes). These results show my levels are now much lower and way down within the normal levels. Yeah!

My thyroid levels are almost the same as they were before, which has my TSH and T4 reading well within the normal range as well. Another Yeah!

Now for what I think is the best news. The following levels are all now within the normal range:

Cholesterol is down 33 pts
HDL is up 6pts (this is the good one that  you want to go up)
Chol/HDL ratio is down 2pts
LDL cholesterol is down 17pts

Triglycerides is down 108pts. <---this one is still high, but the doctor is confident that when I get my blood work rechecked in 6 mo, that it will be down in the normal range as well. :)

I originally changed my eating because I had read that it can really help with Fibromyalgia symptoms. Honestly, I haven't noticed much difference with that, however I will continue, because eliminating the food allergies I have is obviously doing great things for my body.

Eating this way is getting easier now that I'm starting to accumulate GF/SF recipes that I actually like really well, including desserts. So now I don't have to feel deprived, which is always a good thing!


Joyce said...

I was looking for a "like" button! lol! Very, very proud of you. You grabbed the bull by the horns and brought it down! Good girl!
Have a great weekend!

mom and dad said...

Oh - we are so happy for you. We do know that change is often hard for any person--however, you are doing it and we are so proud of you. Thanks for sharing your info and we are cheering you onward.
Lots of love - M & D

Dena said...

Thank you Joyce and Mom. The best news is that now that I've eliminated my allergens, and have accepted this new way of eating, I feel it's a lifestyle - not a diet. I know this will be what I continue forever.