Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gabby, Gabby, Gabby

She tries to act so sweet and innocent, but make the mistake of leaving a full garbage unattended and you will see the flip-side of her. I left a garbage bag by the front door that I had planned to take out when I went to the kennel, but I forgot it. While I was gone Gabby tore into that bag like she hadn't eaten in days. She literaly ripped it to pieces! She found the little bit of leftover lasagna and other food that I had thrown out when I cleaned out the fridge this afternoon. I'm sure if she could speak, she'd try to blame it all on Ringo, but the evidence is on her face. LOL And, although you can barely see it, there is one of her favorite little stuffed toys between her paws and on the other side, it is as brown as around her mouth. Off to give a dog a bath!

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Steve, Debi, Brennan, & Nate said...

LOL -- I thought you learned from me about how NOT to leave the trash out! Remember how sick Chester got that one time? LOL Well, hopefully you won't have a sick dog on your hands and can just laugh about her 'brown mouth'! LOL