Thursday, October 04, 2007

The "Lasts" have started

Tonight was a fun night, but a sad night because it was the first "Last" of many to come. Tonight was the last time Ashley will ever run a cross country meet at our local course, and it was the last time Chelsea will manage the team there. Most of the senior girls were in tears tonight. I think it's starting to hit them that this is more next year's. But this is the first of many "lasts" that will come along this year. The last meet of the season, the last musical performance, the last drill team competition, the last Capitol One Bowl, the last Winterfest dance, the last game as a cheerleader, the last game as a member of the pep band, last drill team performance in front of the home crowd, the last Prom, the last FFA spring trip, the last track meet, the last day of school, and other "lasts" I'm not able to think of right now. It's going to be an emotional year for them (and their sappy mom too). But, I know it will be one full of wonderful memories!

Here's a picture of Ashley running at the meet:

Here is Chelsea (in the green shirt laying down) hard at work with the rest of the mangers,
and checking the time on one of the runners:

And, even though he's not's a picture of Austin running at the meet:

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