Monday, October 08, 2007

We're trying to be patient!

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new furbaby. Currently her name is Molly ,but the closer it gets to the time she will be here, I'm seriously considering changing her name. Not because I have anything against that name, I mean Molly is an adorable name. But, you know how you associate names with people you know? Well, I know a few Molly's and one of them I do not like. She is a high school girl and we know their family well. She is the "perfect" child in their eyes. She would never do anything wrong. Everything she does is soooooo great (insert sarcastic voice here). Molly's just WONDERFUL (*gag*). Truth is, Molly is not wonderful or great and she does plenty wrong. Her parents just refuse to see it or admit it. Molly whines constantly. She is the eternal victim. She had responsibilities that she was to complete with another person & they barely got it done, but didn't do a good job at all, and got a poor rating on it too. She blamed it entirely on the other person. The next year, she had a responsibility involving no one else. Guess what....she complained the whole time because she said no one would help her (she never asked for help). At the end, she did crappy. An absolute HORRIBLE job, for which she should have been embarrassed about. But, being the "perfect child" she is, she blamed it on my daughters. They are older, they should have helped her, she said. She volunteered for this responsibility, no one forced it on her and I reminded her of that when I saw her yelling at one of my girls. I told her she had no one to blame but herself for not getting the work done.

So, you'll have to forgive me if I am not interested in saying or hearing the name Molly over and over again in my house. My girls feel we should leave her name the same. But, for the first time since having children, this is My dog to name, so the decision is up to me (naner naner boo I didn't really say that to them LOL). I want an unusual name, but not one that makes people wonder what I was smoking when I chose that name ya know? I have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 choices, and one of them is NOT my dear husbands choice, which was to call her "hey dog".

As I said, we are trying to be very patient. It was last week when we found out she was ours.
Look, even Gabby and Ringo are anxiously waiting by her new items:

She has had a mass removed from her leg and will get the staples out tomorrow, and will get groomed tomorrow too. From there, we have been told it will likely be Thursday or Friday moring that she will fly out, but we don't know for sure yet. I wish we would know!! We are all really excited to get to meet her finally....and yes, even Jay is excited, he just doesn't want to admit it LOL.
We have all of Molly's things ready and waiting for her, as you can see in the picture below. We made tie blankets for the dogs to have on their pillows (last years Christmas gifts) and so we made one for Molly too. She has her new collar and name tag and new leash waiting for her, as well as 3 new soft toys (which we've heard she likes to play with). Now we just need a dog to go with all these things. Hurry up Molly!

From what I have been told by the Foster Mom, this is the first dog that she has really thought twice about giving up. She has assured me that she is very much our dog, and she won't take that from us, but she has become her favorite one that she has ever fostered, and she said she has already cried about giving her up. I have gotten her phone number and I promised her that I will call her the second I have received Molly to let her know she arrived safely. I am so grateful to Nicole for the work she does in helping with dog rescue. I don't know that I could be a foster mom, because I'd probably just end up keeping them all. LOL

Ok, my patience is wearing thin....come home Molly! Come home! :)


Steve, Debi, Brennan, & Nate said...

Oh come on, sis -- you can't tell us you have name ideas and not give them to us and give us the opportunity to 'vote' on what we'll have to be calling this dog, too! LOL Come on -- your nephews want to know! LOL

The Heerens said...

Well, I'm pretty sure her name will be Kyra (pronounced Keer-uh). Ashley & Chelsea are mad I'm changing it, but as I said, I just can't handle that name being said daily. LOL

Now, you are sworn to secrecy! Since the girls are being little brats about it, I'm not telling them until we pick her up. I even had that cheapo tag made at Wal-Mart with the name Molly on it for now. LOL Yes, I know...I'm evil. :P