Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, We Have A Lawn To Mow

After the fiasco of having to run the dogs to the vet yesterday morning, I came home and changed into a t-shirt and shorts and prepared to work the day away. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I had been waiting for Sunday all week long. I had already let the family know that we would be finishing up any outdoor work still needed to be done, and Austin was thrilled to know that would include needing our skid loader to haul away things to our dumpster. He loves any excuse to drive it. He hauled things like the old silk tree that has been on our deck way too long. Long enough that the leaves have faded. Things like our old hammock that now has more rust on the frame than metal. Things like several large out door toys and objects around the kennel that are no longer needed. Just lots and lots of "stuff". Then we mowed and trimmed the entire acreage one last time for the season and then parked the mower away in the front corner of the garage which is it's winter home. Once we were finished with that, we moved on to the camper. It was all cleaned out and ready to be put away for winter, so we that got done.

I found myself giddy with excitement over all the work we had accomplished. I know...I need a life, if yard work is exciting to me! ack!

I wanted to work on the garage, cleaning it out and sweeping it, but Jay had a better idea - washing our vehicles. He knows I'm a sucker for having my Vue all nice and clean. Unfortunately, when you live on a gravel/dirt road, your vehicles never stay clean for any length of time. Still, it's a job that needs done and yesterday was a beautiful sunny day to do it. Jay and I scrubbed the Vue, and then while I cleaned the windows and interior, he washed his farm THAT's a dirty job. Once done with that, he and Austin washed Austin's car. I was thrilled to have all 3 done, but didn't have time to thoroughly enjoy their cleanliness. I had somewhere to be.

There are a couple of ladies in the area who had daughters that not only graduated with my girls, but who have also been good friends with them since preschool. These 2 ladies decided to get moms together to make "Goodie Boxes" to send to the kids at their colleges. A few of the kids are still living at home and they commute each day, but they were included as well. Anyone that wanted to participate was asked to bring a box and 2-3 small items to add to the boxes, enough for 1 per box. There ended up being 14 boxes total. All the boxes were lined up with the kids' names on them and each mom walked down the line depositing the items they brought into the boxes. They had "Thinking Of You" cards (enough for each student) and we all signed each card. That way the kids knew who was involved in the making of their box. It was so much fun and such a great way to let the kids know we are all thinking of them. I will add a few other little Halloween type goodies to my girls' boxes before I seal them up.

When I got home from helping make the boxes, I found the greatest gift I have received in a while. There was my sweetheart WAXING my Vue for me. Now, if having my vehicle clean gets me all happy, can you imagine how excited I get when it's shiny too?!?! Seriously folks....I'm a major geek for a polished shine! I ran over and gave him a hug and said "You love me. You really love me!" He gave me the same "I don't remember you being this odd back when we were dating" look he always gives me.

The worst part...I came inside and saw the local weather forecast - rain. sigh

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