Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mooooooo-ve Over Bessie

My sister Debi at Pursued By Love, recently made me aware of the fact that PETA is back in the news again. Let me start by saying that when the PETA organization first began, I agreed with what they were saying in regards to animals being treated properly. No abuse or starvation. No testing of cosmetics or anything like that. I'm an animal lover and I agree those things should not be allowed. However, PETA has evolved and, as is the case with most groups or organizations, you have smaller radical groups within the organization. Those are the ones that scare me.

We've personally have had interactions with what I feel are radical members. One accused me of abuse because I had dogs in my home. According to her, humans have stripped dogs of their freedom and no one has the right to "own" an animal, and all dogs should be set free. Uhhh....okkkkkkk.

Another time we dealt with them was at the state fair. One of our pigs that was at the fair being shown had a callous on one of its hind legs. If a callous is a sign of abuse, then I myself am seriously abused! LOL Anyhow, this one woman was very upset & even though I assured her it was a callous and not an injury and she got angry with me and told me I was one of the worst types of animal owners because I don't care about the well being of my animals. She reported us to the fair office and we had officials over to check on the pig who also agreed, it was not an injury.

And yet another time a woman got mad at us because our pigs were out of food at that particular moment. I don't know about you, but if I kept a plate of food in front of my face 24/7, I'd be the size of Texas and that definitely wouldn't be healthy for me, and the same would be for animals. I invited her to come back during feeding time and she would see that in fact they are very well fed. Interestingly enough, she didn't show.

So yes, my opinion of PETA is somewhat biased, although I do still believe that the original intentions are good ones. And now it appears a radical group is at it yet again.

PETA approached Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream asking them to switch from using cows milk, to human breast milk.

*I'll pause for a moment while you take this in*
~insert Jeopardy theme music here ~

Ok, does that gross you out like it does me? They have stated that it will be better for the cows and reduce their suffering. Obviously they know nothing about dairy cattle. Dairy cattle MUST be milked. It is vital for their well being. They can't not be milked. Not an option. So by not milking the cow, that will be what causes great suffering for her. So if they don't want to drink the milk, that's fine. But to say we shouldn't even milk the cows is ridiculous.

This has given us some lively discussions in our house, and anyone who knows us knows that we love any excuse we can find to have fun. This whole topic has caused us great fun by going with assumption of :

"What if the world did in fact switch to breast milk for everything that required dairy....."

What would the job requirements Be...or would that be C, or DD?

What does one have to be able to do to be up for a promotion?

Who's in charge of on the job training? And what does the training involve?

Would employee uniforms include button up the front shirts and maternity type bras?

When listing previous experience on the job application, would listing that you have twins or triplets increase your chances of being hired over someone who only had singles?

Would they discriminate against implants? Or would there be an implant scandal where the implants would be found to be containing more milk so as to be able to increase the supply?

Would mastitis be filed under Workmans Comp?

Instead of a gold watch, are they given a gold bra when they retire?

And then we started in with the "Can You Imagines":

Can you imagine the billboard signs for job openings?

Can you imagine being named Employee of the month?

Can you imagine what the sweatshops would look like?

Can you imagine the waiting list to be able to tour the plant?

Can you imagine the retirement party? Would milk be served? Would it be the retiree's last contribution to the company?

Ok, so yea, we got a little silly with this, but that's just because to us this is a silly idea. I agree that breast milk IS best for babies when possible. Emphasis on the word "babies". As for me, I'll stick with cows milk thank you very moooooooo-ch.


The Naths said...

"insert Jeopardy music" ?? How about "Psycho" music! ICKY!!! Can you imagine? I mean what those women ate and drank would have to be totally watched over...not to mention medications etc. That is the STUPIDEST idea anyone has ever come up with!!!! Ugh! I really feel kinda ill. We are to take care of animals, not worship them!

Debi said...

LOL -- you are so much better at writing and detailing things than I am!