Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Biggest Loser 9/30

This was my least favorite show of the season so far. Yes, I realize it's only week 3, but go with me on this.

The contestants went on a trip to the Grand Canyon. I absolutely LOVED the analogy they used regarding how the canyon was created by the Colorado River changing it's course and direction to create a new path, a new destiny and how those changes created something wonderful...and that they are on a course, a new path and they can change their destiny. It was such appropriate and amazing. I was really impressed.

However, I thought it was way too early to "toss them out" on their own for most of the week. They are still like children when it comes to this new healthy lifestyle, and they need guidance and assistance, which was very evident by how they were flailing about not having a clue what to do. I felt that would have been better to do in a few weeks....unless they are planning to take them back again later in the show to see what kind of progress they would make. Now that would be cool!

I have been cheering for Jerry & Coleen since day one. They are just the nicest, most down to earth "real" people on the show in my opinion. As Coleen has said, if Jerry doesn't make changes, he will die. Not that he might die sometime. He will die...soon.

Sadly, he got injured again, which hurt his ability to exercise, and they ended up losing the least amount, which meantthey had to decide which one of them was going to stay, and which one was going to go home. The exchange between them was so sweet, genuine and loving that I was in tears. When Coleen said "Dad I want to get married. And I want you there to walk me down the aisle" Jerry broke down. They show such true love between a parent and child.

As it ended up, Jerry did go home. Before he left some of the members of the other teams talked about them and you could tell they are well liked and respected. I was so sad to see him go, and I cried and cried. But wow! Talk about a transformation after he went home. On the ranch he lost 20lbs. Since that time he's lost another 50lbs. In the beginning he could only walk for 7 minutes maximum. Now he can run up to 1.5 miles. Incredible! But the best part of all was when the doctor talked about how much his health had improved already. When he started the show, he was on 5 different cardio medications. Already he is off 4 of them. What a triumph!

The reason this was my least favorite episode is not only because Jerry left, but because the brown team is still there. Vicky and Brady, who are the husband and wife team wearing the color brown. I really, really, REALLY hope they get voted off very soon. He is not supportive at all. During the first episode he was irritated he had to wait for her so they could finish the challenge together. Nice. During the second episode Brady had to nudge his wife and tell her to clap for another team that won, as she stood there pouting. Nice. And now this week, when everyone else was choked up and/or crying as the yellow team talked after knowing one of them would be going home, there stood Vicky grinning. Nice. Ok, I understand being happy, because if it weren't for the yellow team, one of the brown team would be going home. But still, have some class and save the smirks for your private room later. Oh and speaking of them going home, did you happen to catch what Vicky said would happen if they were the team having to send one of them home? She made it very clear that the one leaving would not be her. Her comment was something like "There is no need for discussion, I'll be the one staying. Brady will do just fine at home on his own. I'm the one who got us on this show, so I'll be the one who gets to stay here." Ok little miss thang, let's knock the attitude down a notch can we?
What did you think of the show this week?


Reality Rant said...

I do understand where you're coming from regarding Vicky and Brady, but in their defence, it's in the editing. When she was grinning, it was not at that moment. It was editing that "placed" it there. I'm sure the clapping was too. But I do see how people are not liking them for those reasons. Vicky and her family are long time friends of my family and she is not happy at how they are taking things out of context.

Dena @ Green Acres said...

If that's true, then it's sad that the editing has been done this way. If they think it's "helping" the show in some way, it's not, in my opinion. I watch for tips and hints I can pick up. I wish htey would leave the rest of the other "stuff" they are showing out of the show, and go back to the way the show was in the first year or two....back when they showed a the correct way to show exercises, or different food ideas. :)

Reality Rant said...

I totally agree. I also agree that Vicky's comment about Brady going home was uncalled for. I watch a ton of reality shows(pobably too many, I even do a Bog Talk radio show lol) and I hear all the time how editing changes things around to make it more interesting.

Debi said...

I'm just finally getting a chance to comment, but honestly -- I loved this week's show! lol Ya' know why? I was laughing constantly! In fact, yesterday I was at work and was talking to my boss about it and got to laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my cheeks! The most hilarious part to me was when they were doing the canoe things or kayaks, or whatever, and the Mom and daughter were working together (purple team) and the Mom decided to throw the entire rope into the lake! Oh my gosh, I would have done the SAME thing! I just started dying laughing to see her poor daughter struggling because there was no tension and she couldn't figure out what in the heck was going on, and the Mom was totally clueless. That was such a funny moment for me -- maybe because I could relate so much! But, every time I think of it, I get the giggles!

Oh yeah....and as a trainer, I was laughing so hard at how they were tossing the medicine balls around and couldn't figure out what to do. I would have been the same way when I started the gym! That was funny to me, to see them be like "duh -- what do we do with these things?"

And, actually, from the personal training standpoint, I think this was a 'strategy' week for the trainers and the show, regardless of how they acted. I mean, with as hard as they've gone the past two weeks and having their body go into 'starve' mode last week and not want to let go of the weight, the best thing that could have happened to them this week is to pull back and get some R & R. Thus, the reason the scale showed they lost quite a bit of weight, even though they didn't workout a lot. Their bodies actually did better with the R & R and could rebound and lose again. As for Jerry, I don't understand that one. I can't help but question if he didn't eat something to make himself gain and go home. The poor guy was hurting so much and I think he was truly ready to go home, which was probably good for him. He looks awesome.

Ok...that's my take. Now back to my giggles. LOL

Dena @ Green Acres said...

Yea I did laugh at the canoe part too. Can you imagine if it would have been you and I there Debi? Oh man...LOL